Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weird Science DC Comics News: Mother's Day Edition

Best. Mom. Ever
Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and as a Father of five, it shouldn't be too stressful, right?  As any Father can tell you, Mother's Day all comes down to you.  If your kid's forget to say "Happy Mothers Day" the minute they wake up...your fault.  If they get a crappy gift or, God forbid, no gift at all...your fault.  Seriously, anything that can go wrong is going to be your fault. What gives?  Is it Mother's Day or You're a Horrible Husband Day?

Well, it's almost Noon and I haven't been yelled at yet.  We are going on a picnic in a little bit and with my boys, something will happen.  If you are near the Quakertown, Pa area and hear a loud explosion, you'll know why.  Somehow that will be a ham and cheese sandwich blowing up.  You laugh, but in my house that's just par for the course.  So, wish your Mom a Happy Mother's Day and if you happen to be a Mom, go easy on your Husband.  Most of us just aren't that good at things like this.

And now...

On With The News

Gotham, Flash, I, Zombie and Constantine are TV Shows

Poison Ivy in the House, er Alley
Yes, that doesn't just sound like the world's worst wikipedia's official.  All those shows have been picked up for series.  In know it's a shock to everyone after all the casting news that has been leaked and reported on for what seems like years.  Personally, I can't wait for The Flash, will check out Gotham and probably not bother watching Constantine or I, Zombie.  I don't watch much TV.  I know what your thinking.  Another one of these "I don't watch TV guys who drinks green tea while listening to This American Life on NPR".  Nope, I just can't pay attention enough.  Severe ADHD. You feel bad now, don't you?

The Joker will be in Gotham

Of course he will.  I'll move along now.

People Die in Futures End
I read about dead heroes

You heard it here first.  Comic book characters die!  The story takes place five years in the future, so it will be permanent, right?  I mean, when characters die in comics they never come back.  Ever.  Spoiler: This isn't really news.  It is a shameless way to plug Futures End.  I think it kicks ass.  I'll admit that I am getting a little tired of dark, violent stories (the reason why I liked Batman/Superman #10 this week.  Plug #2), but this feels different.  I love the lower tier characters involved and Patrick Zircher's art is incredible.  It sucks that Eric gets to review this while I get the other weekly book I won't mention by name but am getting tired of already.  Damn, I was going for longest run-on sentence and fell a little short.  Check out Futures End if you haven't already.

Mark Waid isn't a Fan of the New 52...or is He?

Mark Waid jumped on twitter with what appeared to be a knock on the New 52 and Futures End.  Then like a guy who realized he sounded awful, tried to change his words and compliment the people he put down.  Dan Jurgens and Patrick Zircher wanted no parts of the about face and let him know it.  Then Patrick Zircher laid in with a couple of zingers that must have hit the "mark" because Waid responded in the third person.  Way to go Patrick, you actually knocked Mark Waid into the third person!  Now that's a super power.  Bleeding Cool has a rundown of the Twitter war HERE.

Dot Dot Dot

I heard a guy in my local comic book shop say "Agent Dick is gonna suck" He He He...Batman Eternal just doesn't seem like it takes place in the current day New 52...My favorite movie dad is the dad from Teen
Wolf...I loved seeing Ray Palmer as The Atom in Batman/Superman #10 and hope he stays...My prediction for Doomed is that Doomsday is a virus that turns Superman into Doomsday...Smokey is the Bandit...If I made a top five list of my favorite books right now, three of them would be digital first titles...My favorite movie mother is the mother from Better Off Dead...It's got raisins in it, you like raisins.

Again, not a whole lot of news this week, but like Gary Gnu said, "No Gnus is good Gnus".  Happy Mothers Day and watch out for exploding sandwiches.  Another Week Another News.  J-Money...Out!

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