Thursday, May 15, 2014

Justice League United #1 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Jeff Lemire
Art By: Mike McKone
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 14, 2014

Team Building Exercise

So we got the beginning of a team going on in the last issue of Justice League United, and so far it's pretty badass.  Adam Strange unites this team to uncover what happened to his girlfriend Alanna during their study of what appeared to be a alien grave.  But the team discovers that aliens are using the area as a secret base to create a hybrid species of alien races.  So to take care of the meddlesome new team, the aliens unleash a giant hybrid reject on their asses.  Out by Thanagar we find out that the new Lobo is working for the geneticist mastermind Byth , and has a bunch of prisoners including Adam Strange's girlfriend Alanna, and one of my favorites Hawkman.  Things get heated between Lobo and Hawkman, and the new team has that gigantic monster to deal with so this should be a good time.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Looks like it's time for Stargirl to go blasting things with her cosmic staff.  Which if you think about it isn't such a bad plan since it usually works in most situations, but this time it seems that each time she blasts the monster it just changes it's composition to different elements of nature.  Adam Strange is pretty much useless in the beginning of the fight....... well for all of the fight, but when he gets knocked down into the underground complex he finds his armor, helmet, jet pack, and ray gun..... Well he finds someone's, goddamn thief is what he is.  So he gets suited up and makes an ass out of himself when he can't fly the jet pack right, and is out of the fight.  
It's The 21st Century! Where The Hell Is My Jet Pack?

It's time for Martian Manhunter to go to his go to move and try to shut the monster down telepathically.  But the monster's mind is chaos and incapacitates J'onn to the point where he doesn't know that he's being consumed by the giant's body.  Stupid Martians.  Well J'onn is captured and since Stargirl spent so much time with him during Forever Evil she goes rushing after the monster as it tries to escape.  Well she should be fine, so it's time Animal Man and Green Arrow find out if Adam Strange broke his neck or not.  

Like I said Stargirl rushes after Martian Manhunter, and she charges right into it's body and retrieves her friend.  Now it's not as gross as it sounds, remember that I told you it's body keeps changing every time she blasts it and this time it was a sort of tornado looking body........ Something like that at least.  So J'onn gets his bearings and tells Stargirl to keep blasting it until it becomes something he can hit, which it does and he hits the shit out of it until it crumbles.  The rest of the team show up and it looks like Adam Strange has gotten the hang of the jet pack, and this part of the story ends when it looks like the monster is building itself back up and the team is zeta'ed to Rann with the monster.  Well at least Canada will be safe awhile longer.

Elsewhere in space Lobo and Hawkman throw down, and it's not the outcome I was hoping for.  While yes Hawkman created a distraction for Alanna and the other prisoners to try and escape, but in the process got the shit kicked out of him, and got his arm cut off.  Oh man I hope that Nth metal can grow that arm back or he's going to look pretty silly.  Poor poor Hawkman.  It looks like his sacrifice was in vain though because Alanna can't escape and only manages to meet the big bad Byth as his genetics machine births the ultimate alien hybrid baby.  Apparently this alien hybrid baby will be called Ultra, and it will destroy worlds!  So that's it for this month's JLU.  Hopefully next issue we'll see if the team is willing to kill babies or not, and we can stop this diabolical tyke before any worlds have to feel the wrath of it's terrible twos.  Oh and maybe stop Byth in the process.

Bits and Pieces:

I'm really enjoying this title so far and think that the characters really work for a team series.  I also like that I read this week's Future's End first and know that Green Arrow and Animal man are destined to become good friends in the future.  I know it's silly but I like the idea of knowing there's going to be good team chemistry even if it's not apparent yet.  A solid issue, and I can't wait to read more.  Go check it out.


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