Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Green Lantern #31 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Robert Venditti
Art By: Billy Tan
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 7, 2014

Suck On My Will Power!

Alright Uprising is here, and it's time for the battle to begin.  Leading up to this we've seen the Durlan, The Khund, and Nol-Anj and the outer Clanns joining forces to take out their mutual enemy; The Green Lantern Corps.  Up to this point it seems that some of the Durlans had infiltrated Mogo, and took the forms of some Corps members.  But it's okay because it doesn't seem that the Durlans are able to use the Green Lanterns rings, like their original wearers.  So it's time to meet the enemy head on in this first part to a six issue story, so let's go check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins in space sector 0441 on the Khund flagship Gulth, where our main antagonists (Khurtz the Captain of the Khund flagship, Nol-Anj, and a Durlan Lord) have come together to witness the defeat of the Green Lantern Corps.

Back on Mogo we see the Khund attack ship that Hal won last issue in......... Mortal Kombat.  Okay sorry, we see the ship and Hal wants the Lanterns that refuse to use their rings (because it drains the universe) to tear the ship apart and gain intel on the Khund's ships.  But before we can find out any cool things about Khund star ships, Mogo alerts Hal of an incoming attack from a fleet of Khund ships, and a numerous amount of other ships from across the universe.  Man people are really hating on the Corps.  So our Lanterns fly off to meet their enemies in space, and our battle begins.

Hal tries to contact the non-enemy ships and tell them that they don't need to do this, and that the Lantern Corps has done a lot of good, and can still do a lot more good.  Well all that falls on deaf ears when our trio of bad guys springs their secret weapon.  They order their Durlan impostors to fire on the ships that might have been turned from war, and it looks like the Green Lanterns are just a bunch of lying dicks.  So we know for certain that Muk Muk is a impostor now, and Hal shows him what will power is really about to the point where all of the will fades in the fake Muk Muk, and the ring locates its proper user and flies off.  The rest of the Corps do the same, and in no time flat the Durlan secret weapons are finished.  

In the end the trio of baddies retreat knowing that this was their best shot of taking down the Corps and they failed.  Especially now that Mogo wants to join the fight.  So they take off, and Hal's new plan is find out where his fellow Corpsman have been stashed away, by following their returning rings.  I still don't understand how these Durlan were able to use the rings in the first place, but maybe we'll find out when Hal finds his friends.  It's funny last Friday I made a Top 5 List about Why Kyle Rayner is the greatest Green Lantern, and I still stand by that, but in this issue Hal was a badass, and got his will on.  So that's it for now, join me next week for Part 2 of Uprising in Green Lantern Corps #31.

Bits and Pieces:

Well we've been teased this big bad war for awhile now, and it's finally underway.  But even if the Green Lanterns are able to take out the main species responsible for starting all the trouble, I don't know how the universe will ever trust them again.  Unless there's a mass evidence pay per view in the universe, and even then I'm sure there are a few conspiracy theorists in the universe who won't buy it.  But that's not for this issue so let's move on.  This was an alright issue, not the giant war I expected, but we have five more parts to explore that.  The highlight like most times is the art, and I hope that Corps will be able to keep up to pace with this opening or we'll be in trouble, because like I said, It's just alright.


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