Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Doomed Preppers: All Star Superman #4 Review

Written by: Grant Morrison
Art by: Frank Quitely
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 1, 2006

For a (Dooms)Day

For my second Doomed Preppers, I decided to go a little goofy with All Star Superman #4.  The reason I chose this was two fold.  I love the fun story (especially Jimmy) and I predict that Doomed will involve Superman being infected by a Doomsday Virus.  We'll have to wait and see if I'm correct, but for now, on with the review.

Jimmy is a very popular guy.  Gals want to be with him, Guys want to be him and Guys also want to be with him.  Perry White says says so.  Jimmy's "For a Day" column has been a boon for the newspaper and also has caught the eye of PROJECT head Mr. Q.  He asks Jimmy to head PROJECT "for a day" while him and his group take care of intergalactic business.  What could go wrong?  Well, there is that Gypsy Curse...

I really like All Star's Jimmy Olsen.  He's sexy and he knows it, however deep down he's still good old Jimmy.  The ginger with a Superman Signal Watch just waiting to find trouble.  He finds it pretty quickly.

While on a tour of PROJECT, he encounters a haiku obsessed scientist, an ominously marked bunker and the portal to the Underverse.  The bunker is marked" Do Not Open Until Doomsday" and Jimmy's escort quickly steers him away.  When they reach the portal, there is trouble and of course, Jimmy ends up dangling over it, hanging on for dear life.  He manages to signal Superman and he arrives to save the day.  During the process, he also pulls a big black ball out of the portal...Black Kryponite.  This can't be good.

Jimmy is concerned over the Kryponite and his fears are quickly realized.  Black Kryponite turns Superman bad and he likes it.  He breaks furniture, tries to kill Jimmy and then escapes through the roof headed for Earth.  PROJECT has weapons against this.  One is a Phantom Zone Cannon, but that's permanent. Another is Doomsday, but that was deemed too dangerous.  Desperate times, eh?

Now, the reason for this review.  Jimmy injects himself with Doomsday and the results are awesome...and hilarious.  A ginger Doomsday!  By this time, Superman appears to be getting dumber and weaker.  Ginger Doomsday bashes his face in and heat visions him.  It looks like Ginger Doomsday is going to kill the Man of Steel and Supes is begging for his life.  Then the Signal Watch goes off and it brings Jimmy back, saving himself and Superman.  Best "For a Day" ever.  If he was allowed to tell it.

Man, I really like this issue.  It may not be a great Doomsday story per se, but Jimmy Olsen as Doomsday can never get old.  It's just so much fun to read.  They appear to be trying to get this Jimmy vibe in the New 52 with the "rich boy" Jimmy and I hope they continue it.  Leave it to Grant Morrison to take the iconic Doomsday vs Superman and turn it on it's ear.  

I also really loved Frank Quitely's art.  It's modern, yet maintains that classic Superman look.  Of course, Ginger Doomsday is the highlight of the issue.

Bits and Pieces:

All Star Superman #4 may not be the definitive Doomsday story, but it may be the most fun.  Jimmy is great throughout the whole issue, but when he becomes Doomsday it is just icing on the cake.  Morrison and Quitely do such a great job and I recommend the whole series to any Superman (and Jimmy!) fan.


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  1. Love this run!! All star Superman is a perfect book!!