Saturday, June 14, 2014

Batgirl #32 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Gail Simone
Art By: Fernando Pasarin
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 11, 2014

Barbara Gordon Agent Of... I Don't Know, Pick One

Last time we looked at Batgirl she was saving her roommate Alysia and her "Animal Activist Amigos" from the
stretchy assassin Ragdoll.  It turns out that Alysia and her friends were set up by Knightfall to break into a rival bad guy's company "Mr. Rain" and set off what they thought was a stink bomb, but what really turned out to be a nerve toxin.  I guess it was a good thing that Mr. Rain sent in Ragdoll to murder everyone.  Don't worry folks Batgirl showed up before any real murders took place and before the nerve toxin could be deployed.  So it was all in a days work for our......  You know what?  Why doesn't Batgirl have a nickname I can use?  All there is is the obscure Dominoed Dare Doll of the 60's, but I don't think anyone wants to call her that anymore.  So I implore you dear readers, we need to come up with a new nickname for Batgirl.  Okay let's get to the story.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Batgirl taking down high tech gun runners that work for Knightfall, but when she gets to the warehouse that her snitch told her was housing the guns, it was already too late, and the warehouse was cleared out.  Now this is very frustrating for Batgirl because this keeps happening.  It seems that for whatever Knightfall's faults may be, at least she's on the trolley.

While Batgirl's running around trying to chase down guns, Knightfall seems to be switching up her priorities a bit.  If you remember a few months ago she sent a hit squad to kill Commissioner Gordon, but now since she's seen on the news that Barbara's pseudo boyfriend Ricky is suing the now imprisoned Gordon for shooting him, she's more on a team Gordon standpoint and won't allow some gangbanger scum like Ricky kick a good man while he's down.  I swear poor Ricky can't catch a break.  So the night ends with Ricky getting a warning from the woman who set up the bear trap that took his leg.  Either he drops the lawsuit by the morning or something bad will happen.

The next morning Barbara gets ready for a run when she's confronted by her old college roommate who she believed was dead.  It turns out that she was recruited into an agency right out of college and needed everyone to believe she was dead.  Now she wants Barbara to join the organization as well.  I have no idea what super spy ring this is but I'm putting money on SPIRAL right now because with Dick Grayson joining that seems to be the big one we're talking about these days.  But I have no idea for certain, all I know is that Barbara turns down the offer after being told you don't turn it down without consequences.  So I guess we'll be dealing with super spies in the future.  If that's not a bad enough way to start the morning off, then she receives a phone call from Ricky who tells her he's dropping the lawsuit against her father.  All it took was for him to receive a box with his brother's hand in it to reconsider.  Now I know he was told to drop the lawsuit the next day, but that's kind of fast to start slicing and dicing family members to get your point across.

In the end Barbara knows she needs to finally take down Knightfall, and to do it she'll need some help.  So it's time to begin Batgirl's endgame against Knightfall, but let's add Black Canary to the mix, and as the issue ends we see that the Huntress is also here for some reason willing to lend a hand.  We've got a lot to look forward to next issue, so make sure you're back here in a month to check out a version of Birds of Prey VS. Knightfall and her entire organization.

Bits and Pieces:

We've been dealing with a lot of dark and paranormal type stories lately in Batgirl, but it's time to get back to the mission.  This issue begins what should be a really interesting battle between our hero Batgirl and her New 52 nemesis Knightfall.  I can't wait, and even though this wasn't the most exciting issue of the series, it sure gets you ready for what's to come.  So check it out, and make sure to continue because shit's getting real for Batgirl.


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