Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Royals: Masters of War #5 Review

Written by: Rob Williams
Art by: Simon Coleby
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 11, 2014

Der Vater

I'll admit, The Royals is not in my usual wheelhouse.  I'll also admit, I love it and am so glad that I have been reading from the start.  For those not as fortunate, The Royals is an alternate history set against World War Two where the Royal Families of the World have superpowers.  There is so much more to it, but if you haven't been reading then you don't deserve to know.  I'm kidding.  The rub of the book is that the Royal Families have called a truce to stay out of normal human affairs, like war.  Rob Williams' book explores what happens when the truce is broken.  Believe me, it's horrific and so awesome.

So much has happened in the first four issues of the Royals, but here we are at the penultimate issue and there is still so much to resolve. First up is who is the traitor among the allies.  Last issue Rose took on the consciousness of Oscar with the promise of knowing the truth.  Unfortunately, Oscar is still keeping the information close to the vest and the whole affair has had a horrible toll on Rose.  If you could even call her that anymore.

Meanwhile, Henry is still trying to fight the good fight and while the Allies are grateful, they need more help.  That means Henry eating crow and asking Arthur to rejoin the War.  Arthur isn't too keen to get involved until he sees what has become of Rose.  The brothers who are so far apart are now fighting side-by-side.

The fight is Normandy, to be precise and as it begins, the traitor reveals himself.  It is shocking, but not as shocking as what they do right before revealing their true allegiance.  It is so heartbreaking.  It's one of those moments when you really realize that you care so much more for a character than you ever imagined.  This book has been so amazing based on the incredible characterizations that Williams has cultivated so it shouldn't have surprised me so much.

This issue was not only the best of the series so far, but one of the most emotional books I've read in a .long time.  The villain has been revealed and his acts are so abhorrent, yet I see why he does them. Worst (or best?) yet, I feel sorry for him.  Damn you Rob Williams.

Simon Coleby continues to make this one of the best, most stylish books on the shelf.  It has a dreamy, paint-like style that fits the subject and the times so well.  The shinning moments are seeing his renditions of historical figures like Eisenhower and Churchill.

Bits and Pieces:

The Royals: Masters of War #5 is the best of an already excellent series.  Rob Williams and Simon Coleby have given us a mature, thought provoking comic that is also so much damn fun.  This book deserves to be read by everyone.  Highly Recommended.


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