Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Green Lantern #32 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Robert Venditti
Art By: Billy Tan
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 4, 2014

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend...... Until I Blow Them To Hell

Bringing you up to speed for Part 3 of Green Lantern: Uprising, we've seen the Durlan GL impostors outed and defeated.  We saw John Stewart and a group of Lanterns rescue the GL's that were imprisoned on a Durlan outpost, but that was just the beginning of the rescue.  It turns out that Sodam Yat is still alive and had been experimented on for years, and interrogated so the Dulran's could find the Daxamite home world.  Why you ask.  Well why wouldn't a group of shape shifting alien scum bums want to be the near indestructible, all powerful sister race to the Kryptonians?  So that brings us up to speed here, let's check out what Hal Jordan and the rest of the Corps are up to for this installment.  

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Hal and the other Lanterns going on the offensive and going after the Khund's garrison of the seventh invasionary force. You know alien military nonsense.  But we'll get back to that later, let's get to the fun part.

In orbit around the planet Durla, General Khurtz of the Khund army, and Nol-Anj discuss ending the war with the Green Lantern Corps with a transmission of an Ancient Durlan.  After the whoopin' they've received it's no wonder.  But the Ancient Durlan doesn't want to hear any part of it, and enacts a pseudo order 66 from Star Wars.  Instead of all the clones killing the Jedi, this order activates all the hidden bombs that the Durlan's have placed on all the Khund's war ships.  Nol-Anj quickly makes her escape, but General Khurtz and the rest of the Khunds aren't so lucky.  Across the universe all the Khund ships explode killing the majority of the army, and it's fair to assume that the Durlans have broken their pact with the Khunds and the Outer Clanns.

Back to that offensive we were talking about with the Green Lanterns.  It's a sweeping success when in the middle of their battle the Khund's are killed off by their own ships.  The Corps make their way back to Mogo where Nol-Anj has important information about how to screw over the Durlans by tellign the GLs what the Durlan's are up to.  It seems that the Durlan's need a large supply of energy in order to take the shape of the Daxamite's they plan on mimicking, and we find out that the living lava Lantern, Gorin-Sunn's home world is the place they're going to find the energy.  Now it's not some super battery at a alien Radio Shack that nobody visits anymore, no it's the inhabitants of Zezzen themselves.  The Durlan's plan on consuming the people of that planet and with that energy, they'd have the ability to maintain that physiology of the Daxamite's permanently.  

In the end we see a handful of Durlans on the planet Zezzen, and we find out that they have to take the form of the Daxamites first because one impatient Durlan  cookie monstered one of the lava people and since his body wasn't impervious yet, the energy simply blew him up.  I guess we'll see if the Durlans are able to find the planet Daxam in the next part to this story in Green Lantern Corps #32, and if the GLs can shut them down before they become an army of Supermen.  Yeah that sounds terrifying.

Bits and Pieces:

The war seems to becoming to an end people, and man what a ride it's been so far.  Venditti has certainly peaked my interest, and I can't wait to see what Jensen and him have in store for us with the finale.  But I'm getting ahead of myself because we still have a bunch of this story to read, it's just weird with what happened in this book it seems like we're getting to the conclusion next, but it's all good we're not and I'm really pumped, because even though I say it a lot, it seems like shit is getting real.  A really great GL story that every ring reader should be getting into.  So go check it out and join the war in progress.


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