Friday, June 13, 2014

Worlds' Finest #24 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Paul Levitz
Art By: Scott McDaniel
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 11, 2014

Who Wants To Read About Bad Superheroes?

Last time we took a look at Huntress and Power Girl, they were doing what we've come to expect of them.  Just being bad at everything.  While I guess it differed a bit because now we have Power Girl working on a machine to get Helena and her home to Earth 2, but that is all put on hold when Boston has a debilitating black out.  Power Girl suits up and is off to fix the nuclear power plant.  Meanwhile Huntress is attempting to stop terrorists from stealing radioactive material from MIT.  But even though she was trained by Batman and Catwoman, she's awful at it and the issue ended with a terrorist taking a hostage.  Hopefully this issue will see the Worlds' Finest duo being better at the whole superhero thing.  But I doubt it.

Explain It!:

Like I was saying, Huntress is bad at being a superhero and realizes that she has no other option than to let the terrorist go with his hostage, and radioactive material.  No I'm serious she couldn't find a safe opening and decides to place a tracker on the getaway car.  Which you might say "Well Eric that was the responsible and obvious thing to do."  No!  Daughter of Batman and Catwoman, there is no reason she didn't take out all three bad guys in the last issue.  It's not like she's dealing with three super villains, all they are are douchebags with guns, and a bad attitude.  So I call shenanigans.  

Meanwhile Power Girl is spinning a turbine around so the good people of Boston can have power again.  Then after that's taken care of she needs to pull out three fuel rods that have been stuck, but when she begins the process of gently pulling the rods out it magically turns into only two rods.  Add a little bit of humor about how gently she does it, and the possibility that she just screwed up the whole plant and simply giggles it off as nothing.  Yeah I'm not having much fun here.  Let's get back to Huntress.

Huntress tracks down the terrorist and lets the hostage get shot in the shoulder before she disarms him.  But that's only for a second, because he gets his gun back.  The chase is on now that the hostage is clear, but don't forget he still has a canister of radioactive material in his possession.  So what would be the best way to take him down and keep everyone safe from this canister?  Whatever you had in mind doesn't matter because she suicide kicks him in the chest and the canister goes flying.  Now after this major screw up you'd think that she'd be concerned about turning Boston into a radioactive hot zone, but no she decides to just wail the guy in the face a few times.  Luckily our hostage didn't go get medical attention, and grabbed the canister before all hell broke loose.  There you go, a random wounded scientist hostage is a better hero than Huntress.  Bah.  

In the end Power Girl shows up and flies Huntress and the scientist away so all three of them can have a decontamination procedure.  Plus some jokes about how they can turn it into a spa day.  Now I'm not a scientist in any way shape or form, but did Power Girl just go into a nuclear reactor and then just go flying around?  Wouldn't she be just a big radioactive crop duster?  If that's too far fetched, wouldn't she at least have just completely killed Huntress and the scientist?  Man I don't know but it just sounds like bullshit.  That's all I've got for this month, and man was it not worth the read.  I keep saying this but I really hope that these two have more to do and are better at whatever they do when they get back home to Earth 2.  Because on Earth Prime they are just the worst.

Bits and Pieces:

When I started my foray into the New 52, I began with Earth 2 and what I called it's companion piece Worlds' Finest.  These were the books that got me back into comics, and what I was most excited about.  Here we are two years later, and I would never recommend this book to anyone.  It's for the most part just nonsense, and what not to do as a superhero.  If you're still planning on getting this book I hope you understand Boston locations and public transportation slang because for some reason the writer decided that it was important to the story.  I may come off harsh, but I would love this book to be good, I really would.


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