Monday, June 16, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #32 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Van Jensen
Art By: Bernard Chang, Moritat
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 11, 2014

Durlans Are Everywhere Man

Here we are with PART 4 of Uprising, and shit is getting real man.  Important information going into this issue are as follows.  Last time in Green Lantern Corps, Sodam Yat was discovered alive in a Durlan prison, and we find out that the Durlan endgame is to take over the Daxamites and be damn near invulnerable with god like power when they decide to take over the universe.  But don't worry about the big trifecta of bad guy's teaming up against our ring slingers, because in Green Lantern #32 the Durlans decide that they've had enough of the Khunds and Nol-Anj, and blow up all their war ships.  Luckily Nol-Anj was able to escape, and tell the Corps that to maintain the power of the Daxamites they will have to consume the power of the living lava people of Zezzen.  So let's jump into this Corps issue and watch John Stewart lead a group of Lanterns to the planet Daxam to warn the people before the Durlan purge.

Explain It!:

The story begins with John Stewart and his group of Lanterns being welcomed to Daxam by the Daxamites pointing guns at them.  It seems that they have a bit of a problem with people wearing rings after they were attacked during the Sinestro Corps War.  But once Sodam Yat makes a appearance all seems well, and his father leads him, John Stewart and a couple other Lanterns around to show them why they don't need the Corps protection from the Durlan invasion.  We see that the Daxamites have built ships that will lead their people to a yellow sun to soak up all their badass potential, and thus ensuring their own protection from any outside threat.

Meanwhile while the mobile HQ of the Green Lantern Corps, Mogo travels to Zezzen to cut the Durlan's off at the pass and other such western phrases, Salaak is busy toiling away to try and get the Green Lantern rings to recognize a Durlan while it's in a different form.  It appears that he isn't having much luck until the Durlan Green Lantern Daggle, knocks him out, and uses the ring chamber to extract the radioactive signature within his DNA.  Daggle survives the process and Salaak is amazed to see the ring chamber downloading a new app to all the rings in use, that would now allow them to know when a Durlan is around.  Finally a update download that didn't piss everyone off.

Back on Daxam it's a good thing that the rings updated because if they hadn't the Green Lanterns would have been unprepared for an ambush.  It turns out that the GL Corps was too late, and the Daxamites had been for all you Trek fans out there assimilated for a long time.  The ships to carry them to a yellow sun was all part of the Durlan plan to be unstoppable, and as John Stewart and the Corps try to fight off their attackers, the ships launch to take the Durlans to the planet Zezzen to consume the people there, and have all the energy they'll need to keep the Daxamite form forever.  Sodam Yat decides to stay on Daxam and help keep his people hidden from the rest of the universe because they are far too dangerous to be used by anyone ever again.  Which honestly sounds like a sound plan.  I mean come on people we know what happens when someone other than Superman has these kind of powers.  We got so lucky with him.  Hell every time I play Injustice I'm terrified by the end because I know Superman is going to whoop my monkey ass at least once no matter how good I get.  So yeah stay hidden Daxamites, I don't need anymore reasons to have heart palpitations.

In the end the lava people of Zezzen wait for the Green Lantern Corps to come and help them protect themselves from the Durlan invasion, but as we see the ships that they built on Daxam are pretty damn good because they've arrived, and I bet they're hungry.

Bits and Pieces:

Yet again another great chapter in the Uprising story.  I could go on and on about how much I'm enjoying this but I'd like to think that you've read my other reviews on this story and have gotten the point already, but damn is it great over the top cosmic war storytelling.  Looking at this issue I'm surprised because I never leaned toward Corps as the best Green Lantern title, but it definitely is for this story line, and you should be checking out Uprising, because you're a fool if you haven't already.  So go pick it up and join the fun all of us GL fanboys have already been enjoying.


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