Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The New 52: Futures End #7 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Art By: Aaron Lopresti
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 18, 2014

A Fight In The Park, Terrific

Alright stepping into Five Years From Now we'll go over information from last issue.  Frankenstein, Amethyst, and Ray Palmer load up into Ray's shrinking ship "The Nan Knight", and use the Phantom Zone as a short cut to find out what happened to the Storm Watch team.  But there trip was cut short when they are attacked by a Phantom Black Adam.  Lois Lane meets up with Tim Drake and tries to out him to his girlfriend about his past, and Mister Terrific figures out that a homeless man that is stalking the park outside of Terrifitech might just be the mysterious Batman Beyond that broke into his company a few issues back.  So let's see where this story takes us in this world of tomorrow.

Explain It!:

We begin with Frankenstein trying to fight off the Phantom Black Adam so Ray Palmer and Amethyst can get away.  We find out that at some point Black Adam was deemed too dangerous by Superman, and was locked away in the Phantom Zone.  Black Adam does his best to try and escape with our heroes, but Frankenstein is a badass and won't let some "SHAZAM" shouting Phantom stop him, and all three of our heroes make it through the portal.  As much as I've been wanting to see Frankenstein in space, I guess I'll have to wait a little longer because all I'm given is a single panel of it and we're more focused on all the dead bodies of the Storm Watch team floating around.  Just remember to not get too discouraged.  We'll have Frankenstein in space soon enough, and if we don't I'm throwing a tantrum.  Moving on.

Tim Drake's girlfriend, Madison Payne goes to "The Fast Lane" offices to confront Lois Lane about her accusations of her boyfriend "Cal Corcoran" being Red Robin.  It really just turns into a screaming match, where we find out that Lois Lane also wrote about Madison's father betraying the world during "The War", and how that story, and her father being arrested ruined her life.  That's about it.  Lois is a bitch, Madison kind of believes Tim when he says he's not a Teen Titan, but not enough to not go to Lois to find out for sure.  All in all nothing is accomplished here.

On Cadmus Island we find out that Grifter was paralyzed and brought there to be apart of Deathstroke's team of...... killers? Mercs?  I don't know what it is they actually do, but Grifter's ability to see aliens, breachers, and meta humans is something that get's him a shot on the team.  But I'm still curious about Faraday's part in all this.  We find out from Deathstroke that Faraday pays the bills and ultimately this is his team, but who the hell is Faraday talking to on his comm link?  GIVE ME INFORMATION!  Oh and that little girl we saw last issue talking to Faraday, and also taking down the escaped prisoner "Fury" (who I still think is the introduction of Donna Troy), is named Fifty Sue, and I don't know what she's about yet but damn does she scare me.

In the end we see Key, Plastique, and Coil planning their heist on the Usphere outside of Terrifitech, and guess what?  They aren't alone.  We see Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) is listening in on their plan, because he wants to get back inside Terrifitech as well.  But last issue Mister Terrific fingered this homeless man as the Bat character that broke in before.  Yeah he fingered him.  Get all the chuckles out, and get serious.  Damn.  It's pretty badass though because when Mister Terrific confronts him the Batman Beyond suit forms around him, and it seems that most of his clothes were just holograms.  Pretty sweet huh?.  But Batman Beyond figures he can't take on Mister Terrific, all those T Spheres, and his security force, so he flies away to fight another day.  Only problem with that is he left his homeless guy shopping cart behind and it was full of the Brother Eye Borg Plastique.  So we're left with Mister Terrific, and Plastique looking at this dead machine and wondering WTF.  Come back next week where we might finally get what I want and see Frankenstein in space.  Until then see you in seven.

Bits and Pieces:

While it didn't move the story much further, it did succeed in keeping me entertained.  I'm not going to shout it's praises, because while the ending did give us something to look forward to, the majority just seemed like filler, and reactions to things that didn't really matter.  But the book looks great, and the beginning and the end were solid.  So go check it out, and hopefully we'll get back to exciting in next week's installment.


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