Monday, June 16, 2014

Justice League United #2 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Jeff Lemire
Art By: Mike McKone
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 11, 2014

Exposition Out The Ass

When last we joined the Justice League United team they were fighting a giant hybrid alien monster in northern Canada.  Now normally all this would take is a few well placed arrows, a few shots of the cosmic staff, and a little mind play from the lovable Martian Manhunter.  But this monster seems to be impervious to Foreigner's Head Games, and every time it's shot with the staff it changes matter, and becomes something new.  One good thing to come from this fight though is that Adam Strange got his armor and jetpack we love him in.  In the end the team and the monster are zeta'ed to Rann, and in the big bad's base by Thanagar, Hawkman fought Lobo and lost his arm in the process.  Yeah a shit ton of things going on.  Let's jump back into the adventure and see how our heroes fair on the planet Rann.

Explain It!:

Now I'm telling you that I love this team and the idea of this book, but goddamn did this issue take me a long time to get through.  Just pages and pages of exposition cluttering the artwork with tons of dialogue balloons.  Yeah I know that story and understanding said story is important, but damn was this a lot to read.  Okay let's get to the book.

Our story begins with Lemire's new character that is destined to join the JLU, Miiyahbin and also her friend Heather checking out the site that Miiyahbin saw the big show down between the JLU and the alien hybrid monster.  They discover the entrance to the underground Rann base, and decide to go exploring.  Way more brave than I am, but for the most part it's a uneventful exploration.  That is until that deer headed monster appears that we saw in the zero issue of this title.  In that issue Miiyahbin shouted "Keewahtin" and expelled the beast, but this time it seems she only screams, runs, and disappears when the beast grabs her, leaving her friend Heather alone and confused about what transpired.  

Back on Rann we see the JLU confused as well when the team realizes that the monster and them are trapped within force field bubbles, oh and Supergirl shows up to lend a hand, how random.  Thus begins the exposition that takes up the majority of the book.  I'll try to keep it basic so you don't have to read the longest review/summary of your lives.  So many great wars have taken place over the years in the this galaxy and the Rannian people have tried their best to stay Switzerland about it.  Eventually the greatest minds of all the planets the wars have affected got together to make the Ultra project.  A baby that is of all worlds, scientifically engineered to be a symbol of peace in the galaxy.  That was all fine and good, but the shapeshifting villain Byth found out about it and took control of the project.  Now the Ultra baby is planned to be a weapon, and the Rann people would love if the JLU would get involved and stop Byth.  Okay I think that's enough information to keep you on the trolley.

Now on the Moon of Thalsalla where Byth has made his base we see that Hawkman isn't down for the count just yet, and the Nth Metal is actually growing his arm back.  It's awesome and gross at the same time, especially since Hawkman wants a round two with Lobo.  So the fight begins and Byth continues to get the Ultra baby ready to be the ultimate weapon.  But the JLU is zeta'ed in and just when you think the real fight will begin, the Ultra baby wakes up and causes everyone to drop to their knees in pain.  On the final panel we see what looks like a giant energy blast shoot out of the base and into space.  What this Ultra baby is capable of I don't know but he sure as hell is scary as shit.  I think I just don't like children, and any baby would give me the same reaction.  But be sure to come back next month to see how the JLU gets out of this one.

Bits and Pieces:

While I love the entirety of this team, and can't wait to see this book really come into it's own, goddamn was this issue a hard read.  The sheer amount of exposition was ridiculous and really seemed to only hide the artwork with excessive dialogue balloons, and only left me with the impression that the Rannian's are just really long winded.  But the story is just beginning and we have to get all our aliens in a row to understand Lemire's grand plan, so I won't judge too harshly.  Go check it out, and make sure you have enough time set aside for it because it took me awhile for comic book standards.


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