Monday, November 3, 2014

DC Comics Announces "Convergence" For 2015

"Convergence" Promo Art.
(Photo: DC Comics)
Eighty years of comic book history all in one story! The rumor mill has been turning that DC Comics would be launching a huge company wide event in early 2015 in order to facilitate their move from New York to California and now the company has announced that the rumors are indeed true. Starting on April 1, 2015 DC Comics will be putting all of its books on hiatus for a two month period, in which it will be running a colossal event known as Convergence.

The main portion of convergence will run in a nine-week miniseries that kicks off with issue #0 in April. From there, the plan is to publish an installment of the miniseries every week along with forty two-part stories that will examine the various heroes and villains contained within all these worlds.

The new event, which will feature "... a story and a character for every generation of DC Comics fan...", per DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, spins off of the events of both "The New 52: Futures End" and "Earth-2: World's End" and will follow the alien Brainiac who's running a rather twisted experiment of combining the contents of all the worlds that have ended, and he has trapped. 

DC Comics has always been a company that has believed in the Multi-verse, spanning all the way back to 1985's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" so it's only fitting that DC expand on the idea in the New 52 line of books. DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee addressed the question many fans have been asking since the 2011 reboot of all of DC's books: What still counts in continuity and what happened to the characters we love like Donna Troy and the JSA? On that subject, Lee had this to say: 

"What we're really addressing is they all exist and have existed and exist within the framework of the New 52...Convergence is in many ways the most meta epic event we've done."
The event is set to be written by Jeff King, best known for his work on the USA series "White Collar"as executive producer and head writer, though he has also worked on science fiction shows as well, including "Stargate SG-1" and "Continuum". Dan Jurgens of Futures End is assisting in co-writing issue #0 and Scott Lobdell is helping to lay out the overall story.

Somehow I think an event like this could be really good or really bad, and personally I am hoping for the former. Shutting down all of your books to make a move easier and then filling the gap by publishing more books doesn't make any sense to me, but considering we are at the anniversary of the seminal "Crisis on Infinite Earths" I'm going to give DC Comics the benefit of the doubt on this one. I guarantee I'll be checking this one out and I am really excited to see this new villain DC comics has cooked up: Telos!

What do you think about the upcoming DC Event Convergence? Sound off in the comments below.


  1. Sounds epic. I think I'll start budgeting accordingly...

  2. Man, I hate to be a bummer but it sounds like a huge mess. I'll be hesitantly checking it out, though, and hoping for the best. I just don't trust Dan Didio at all.

    1. I'm hoping for the best as well, but I really have my doubts. I have not been impressed with any of the "Events". It just blows my mind that they have to do this because they are moving offices. I picture in my mind Scott Snyder and Van Jensen moving desks while Brett Booth and Dan Jurgens throw old beds into an El Camino. Seriously, in this day and age I would think they could still go about business as usual during a move.

    2. Here's what I don't understand: you're making the move easier by putting your books on a 2 month hiatus so you don't have to make books, and your achieving that by making books....