Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The New 52: Futures End #27 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Art By: Aaron Lopresti, Art Thibert, Hi-Fi
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 5, 2014

Leap of Faith

Okay all you future freaks, our quick recap this week will be about Green Arrow still being alive and recruiting an army on his Green Arrow Island..... Man Ollie's bad at naming things.  Anyway, Emiko went and brought Big Barda there so she could be on the front lines when this army breaches Cadmus Island's shores and this group of heroes tries to rescue the imprisoned Earth 2 Wonders.  Too bad that they've all been taken over by Brother Eye and Mister Miracle and Furry believe they are the only ones left to take down Brother Eye and Deathstroke, Fifty Sue, Grifter and Lana Lang are elsewhere on the island and believe they are the only hope in stopping the sentient satellite.  Last issue we saw that Jason Rusch was fired by Dr. Yamazake when the crazed doctor listened in on a conversation Jason was having with Ronnie and found out that he's secretly Firestorm.  For Dr. Yamazake who's become a bit of a nut when it comes to hating on heroes, this is some earth shattering news.  So what does he do?  Well when Madison Payne came looking for Jason, he decided to kidnap her for her association and for the fact that her father was a Earth 2 War criminal, who Dr. Yamazake decides to blame as well as the heroes for his wife dying.  Finally Batman Beyond and Plastique have decided that they need Tim Drake's assistance for their search for Brother Eye and it could be possible this is what get's Tim killed so that he isn't around during Terry's future.  That should do you for this week, so let's check it out.

Explain It!:

We'll begin this issue by going off to the South Pacific to check in on Green Arrow and his....... well most likely he's calling them his Green Arrow Army.  Anyway, the group are about to depart to Cadmus Island, which apparently still nobody seems to know where it is.  But Ollie's taking a leap of faith in a device that he left behind for Deathstroke when he faked his death.  So on the off chance that Deathstroke took this device back with him thinking it was a new weapon that Green Arrow was working on and on the off chance that Slade would keep it on the island without having it checked out by specialists and on the off chance that Brother Eye didn't discover it as the homing beacon that it is........ Then I guess everything will be okay and you know what?  It totally worked and this group is on their way to free some Earth 2 heroes.  I can't wait to see the party they have afterwards on the off chance that they actually succeed.

Back in Metropolis, Lois Lane is returning home after a long day at work and she finds a former Robin waiting in her apartment for her.  It's funny because Lois gets all pissed off about Tim Drake.... or Cal Corcoran if you prefer, but I don't know anyone who does, being in her apartment.  The way Tim figures it, she forced herself into his life and now he's willing to do the same, especially since Madison Payne has been missing for days and he's looking for leads to his lady love.  We also find out that the stuff that was left for Lois was actually meant for Tim.  He tells us that the matchbook led to him, the pyramid showed the viewer the Cadmus prison, the coordinates to that prison and the red arrow represents the only person who knew that Tim was still alive.  Yeah I guess that fits, but damn is the Earth 2 counter part to Green Arrow cryptic as hell.  So with this revelation Lois thinks that Tim is down for some mystery solving, but he gently lets her down saying that he's more concerned about finding Madison and that Lois will have to do it on her own.  She explains that she's already gone to the coordinates and he tells her to take a leap of faith and parachute down anyway to get to the bottom of it......... Mostly I think he wants her to be eaten by sharks for giving him the advice about telling Madison who he really was.  Worst advice ever.

Back in New York, Batman Beyond and Plastique are at the Wounded Duck to look for Tim, but since he's in Metropolis, I guess they think breaking into his apartment is the next best thing.  Terry tells Plastique to wait below and when he enters the apartment, he's not the only one there.  Yes, it seems that Batman is also looking for Tim...... or looking for Batman Beyond.... or something.  I simply doubt that Batman would be fooled by Tim simply faking his death and going on with an assumed name.  But before we can get any real answers a ball rolls into the apartment and explodes.  We leave this section with me really hoping that Tim has renters insurance.

In the end, we see Lois Lane taking a second look at where the secret island is supposed to be and whether it's a good idea or not, she parachutes down to see what her destiny holds.  Total leap of faith.

That's it for this issue and did you notice how many leaps of faith there were?  Damn.  There's also the fact that Terry is taking a leap of faith on letting Plastique help him out, but for some reason I didn't want to put it above.  We're getting a lot of setup here for what seems to be a gigantic climax on Cadmus Island, but there's still so much story left that I have no idea how it's going to go down.  I guess like all of you out there in interwebs land, I'll just have to be patient and try not to come up with any wild notions about what's about to go down.  You know because that's what usually get's you pissed off.  See you next week as we continue our foray into Five Years From Now.

Bits and Pieces:

Aaron Lopresti, Art Thibert and Hi-Fi are on art detail this week and they make a really...... I don't know, a set up issue?  Anyway they make it look great even though nothing really happened here.  It's like this week's entire issue is comparable to being on a roller coaster that just goes up a little, then back down and back up a little again.  We never get the thrill of the fall here and I hope that just means that I can throw my hands up and scream next issue because right now, I'm a little bored.  Great looking issue though.



  1. I felt this really was more of a set up, which i expected for such a big weekly series. I just can't wait for next week, because of the preview pictures of Ruch breaking in the door and madison preparing to be subject. This could mean that little storyline is comin to a head

  2. Yeah, I just hate getting these setup issues all the time because... Well because I guess I'm needy and always want the pay off. Next week looks to be something great though.

    1. also big knitpick(prolly because I see it all the time in time travel movies) is that Alfred implying crush on plastique. I knew the moment terry and plastique got out of terrifitech together they were probably going to end up as a coupl,and I just don't want that. Not because the characters don't mesh, just because you see the whole "future person falls for past person" thing in EVERY TIME TRAVEL THING EVER

  3. So if Tim isn't in the future because he helped out Terry wouldn't that mean that a version of Terry already went to the past and failed? Wouldn't him going to the past and doing his mission mean that the future is screwed regardless because it technically has already happened that he had went to the past before?

  4. Well that all depends if you believe in the grandfather paradox. There's all kinds of different theories and the one I figure DC is using is the one that lends credence to the story.

  5. We don't know if tim dies cuz of terry, all we know is that he dies. For all we know, the original death of tim could have been drinking himself to death after madison broke up with him.
    Also I think something is rotten in lois' apartment. If what tim says is true(that red arrow was giving the hints to him), then red arrow knew where the cadmus island was(since the island's coordinates were given). Why would Green Arrow need a tracker to Cadmus Island, if Red arrow knew where it was?

    Accidental contradicting plotpoint? or A Traitorous Ruse?

    1. Even though I wrote about each thing, them connecting went right over my head. TREACHERY IS AFOOT!.......... or possibly not.

    2. it did for me at first too. But then when I was thinking of the battle to come, and thought of Red Arrow, the thought hit me