Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Injustice: Year Three #6 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Bruno Redondo
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 4, 2014

It's in the Cards

Last issue of Injustice dealt with the aftermath of the Spectre's attack on Team Batman.  Harley Quinn proved she had the best bedside manner, Doctor Fate's credentials were called into question and Rose Constantine gave readers a peek at an ability that will certainly come into play eventually.  The issue ended with Batman and Constantine heading off to see Madame Xanadu in an attempt to even the fight with Superman.

The issue opens with Batman and Constantine knocking on Madame Xanadu's door and it's hilarious.  Tom Taylor does such a great job balancing the tension and killing with humor and levity and this time he uses Xanadu's clairvoyance to great effect. Once inside, the mood shifts quickly when Constantine (through Batman) reveals what's happened to Jason Blood.  She blames Constantine and while Batman has the Brit's back, John agrees with her.  He goes so far as to tell Batman to just walk away while he can.  Yea, like Batman's going to do that!

Madame Xanadu decides to help, but when she tries to see what Superman is up to, she is briefly possessed.  After John brings her back, she tells him and Batman what she saw and it involves Deadman, Swamp Thing, Superman and possibly the return of two great characters.  They both make sense when it comes to the game, but one is crazy for this comic...and Batman.

While this issue is mostly setup, I loved the combination of humor and tension between Constantine and Madame Xanadu.  I also loved the way the cliffhanger was revealed as well as what it was.  I can't wait to see how everyone reacts to the return of...

Bruno Redondo's art was great as usual, but with only three characters for the majority of the issue, he really doesn't get to strut his stuff.  This is a guy who handles dozens of characters with ease, so it seems weird for an issue to focus on so few.  He nails the few though and the final page is pretty awesome.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue is full of exposition and setup, but also humor.  The interplay between Madame Xanadu and Constantine is great and leads to a unique and crazy cliffhanger that is sure to throw this book on it's ear.  I can't wait.




    Theory on the vision:
    the green is obviously swamp thing. Hellfire will burn(longshot) but I think it means raven will go full demon. The emperess is wonder woman, and we can assume the emperor is superman.
    The Advisor on the otherhand(another longshot but its supposed to happen eventually) is catwoman. She does something batman doesn't agree with, and catwoman, the woman who has stood by his side since day 1 of him leading the insurgency, leaves

    1. I agree with everything, but hoping the advisor is Sinestro...he needs to die.

    2. unfortunately it wont be sinestro as he is in the game as an ally to superman...but the real question is "if superman is the emperor, why would he 'sleep'?"
      Theory ANOTHER LONGSHOT but perhaps in the final battle of year 3 superman is critically injured and goes to get rest. Batman can lead the insurgency to try and take back earth but then something in year 4 rears its ugly head(perhaps villains rise cuz if you played the game remember that the villains were put in a 'rehibilitation' program for the regime), more insurgency die leaving the last being batman harley and lex(as in the game) and when all hope is lost superman returns, beats the evil and cememnting his place as the leader that we meet in the game, ending year 4 and setting the stage for the game's story.

      but as i said, theories and longshots

    3. and the return of you know who being a refrence to the game as well

    4. U mean when joker of prime earth comes in five years? Bit of a long shot

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