Thursday, November 6, 2014

Green Lantern #36 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Robert Venditti
Art By: Francis Portela, Scott McDaniel
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 5, 2014

You Know What?  It's All Good

Here we are groupies of the green ring we love to see sling....... slung?   GODHEAD Act 2 Part 1 is here and from looking at this issue it looks like we're out of the whole Lanterns getting their asses kicked scenario that Act 1 was rife with.  So just in case your coming into this cold and let me just say how dare you if you are, but I'm a giver so I'm going to do my best to catch you up.  The New Gods come to the Prime Universe in search of the life equation that they feel can be harnessed with the seven rings of the emotional spectrum....... Well that didn't work, but then they go after Kyle Rayner and his mighty White Lantern ring and the whole fact that he has the life equation within him.  Kyle's gone off to New Genesis to have it extracted from him and the rest of the Corps' struggle in trying to keep their lives from the forces of the New Gods that want to strip the rings from anyone they deem "Lesser Beings", so pretty much everyone.  Now it's time for the Green Lanterns to go on the offensive and to do so, they'll need allies.  Let's check it out and see what Act 2 holds for us.

Explain It!:

This leg of our story begins with Orion getting a scolding from his....Highfather and then we jump to the rest of the Green Lantern Corps abandoning the now defunct Mogo and moving to New Korugar for a pseudo safe haven.  There we see that Sinestro is actually being a kind of decent fellow in letting the Green Lantern Corps and the Indigo Tribe stay there.  Really it's not what we're used to because I expected some ulterior motive, but really it just looks like Sinestro is mostly interested in survival and keeping other Lanterns close is apparently the best idea he has.

Before we have any real problems with the different Corps' not meshing, the New Guardians fly down and tell everyone about Kyle actually being alive and the fact that he's gone with Highfather and how this will mean doom in some form or another.  This bit is really funny because when the Guardians first come down, they say that the most powerful of them has been captured and when they reveal that it's Kyle, Hal's more concerned about Kyle actually being alive and Sinestro is concerned with the Guardians claiming that he is the most powerful of them.  It's a really good bit and just starts what will remain the best dialogue I've seen in this book for a long time.  Anyway, the Guardians tell Hal that even though he almost lost the war during Uprising, he's still doing an okay job at running the Corps and now they expect him to come up with a rescue plan to get Kyle back from the New Gods.  Here's the kicker, Hal actually comes up with a decent plan to find Black Hand because it's the one ring the New Gods haven't searched for and the New Guardians pretty much tell him that that's a shitty plan and not to do it and to come up with a new one.  These little blue bastards are really starting to get on my nerves.

Well Hal folds under pressure and goes to the GL computer to find any traces of Kyle, Highfather or the New Gods in general and it all comes up bunk.  Now since Hal is doing the leader thing and doing just as the Guardians are telling him, Sinestro comes in and pretty much yells "NERD!"  It's a really cool scene where Sinestro tells Hal that his strengths don't lie in studying and coming up with plans, they lie in his instincts and it's because of him just doing what his gut tells him that has always allowed Hal to get the better of him.  That's right folks, Sinestro pays Hal a compliment and while doing so, goads him into possibly making a terrible decision.

Now that the Guardians are away, Hal is feeling a bit reckless and or bold because the new plan is for the Sinestro Corps, The GL Corps and the Indigo Tribe to hide out in the anti-matter universe, while Hal goes and finds himself a Black Lantern.  While all of this is definitely bad ass from my perspective, I can't help but think about how bad this could all turn out because of Hal letting Sinestro manipulate him into doing something so..... Insane?  Sinestro is the self proclaimed master of the anti-matter universe and what if he decides to leave the GL's and the Indigo's there?  I guess maybe the Indigo Tribe could teleport out..... maybe and Hal going to Black Hand never turns out well.

In the end we head back to Earth where we see that without Hal Jordan on Earth, Black Hand has had to come up with his own entertainment.  While a swarm of police just watch the perimeter, Black Hand has created his own undead circus to watch, complete with undead Flying Graysons as the show's big finale.  Hal shows up and puts a stop to Black Hand's fun at least for the moment because we leave this issue with Hal telling Black Hand that he wants him to take his show on the road.  So we're in some strange territory here where Black Hand, his zombie hoard and hell even Sinestro are all allies.  It's definitely a good time to be a Green Lantern fan.

Well Act 2 has definitely kicked GODHEAD up a notch with this first part and now I'm on some sort of fantasy high where I can't help but get the shakes while waiting for next week's installment.  I'm a GL junkie.  The art throughout this book is great, but I found it odd at the end when we see Black Hand, the style seems to take a slight shift to a more cartoony feel and maybe it's just me, but it just doesn't give off the same amount of "bad ass" as the rest of the book gave us.  It doesn't  really matter though because this book was so completely awesome that I'm afraid that all other issues will be compared to how great this was.  See you next week as we continue the awesome.

Bits and Pieces:

Whether Venditti thinks so or not, this has got to be the best issue during his Green Lantern run.  Everything was just so perfectly crafted that I found myself scared that I was reading a perfect issue.  I have a phobia of such things because once you read a perfect comic, no other could ever compare.  All the dialog was spot on and Francis Portela's style was perfect to convey this story.  Just so much awesome that I could never be able to articulate properly how great it really is.  Go out and find out for yourself because if you miss this one, you'll be kicking yourself.


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