Thursday, November 6, 2014

Justice League 3000 #11 Review

Written bt: Keith Giffen and J.m. DeMatteis
Art by: Howard Porter
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 5, 2014

History Never Repeats

Justice League 3000 has been one of my favorite books since it came out.  Sure, the first arc was a bit drawn out and by the time the Five went down last issue, they had long overstayed their welcome, but I didn't care.  Why?  Because I was having too much fun.  The secrets surrounding the League's creation may have been revealed, but the fun of this mashup of Heroes with faulty memories keeps on ticking.  In fact, the things that are wrong about the team are what make it so much fun.  That's the reason I really enjoyed this issue and am looking forward to next month already.  The mishandling of a new team is sure to be great fun and the final reveal really throws this book for a loop.  I don't want to get too far ahead because I'm here to talk about this month's issue.  Shall we?

After the defeat of the Five, Terry heads back to Cadmusworld to sulk and plan.  The Justice League made fools of him and his Team and it's time to even the score.  Of course, having his twin sister, Teri, as the Flash may complicate matters a bit, but my guess is that Terry will get over that and figure something out.  He's a jerk like that.

Meanwhile, on Camelot Nine, the Justice League gets some downtime and while batman cracks wise, the team asks Lancelot how they plan on keeping the captured Five members under wraps.  "Lance" is obviously a bit pissed off that they had to get involved in the first place, but assures them everything is fine.  I am no Miss Cleo, but I predict trouble in the future.

Back on CadmusWorld, Terry figures out his next move and it's evil, awesome...and based on some really sketchy history.  Using the available technology, he makes his own League.  An Injustice League.  Bane, Sinestro, Mirror Master (who Terry hilariously mistakes for Captain Cold) and two really strange picks, Zeus and Lois Lane.  It seems that some jumbled up records have made it seem that Wonder Woman's Father is against her and Lois Lane is Superman's nemesis.  Hilarious.  I can't wait until both Leagues come face-to-face.

Then the single greatest thing in the history of this comic happens.  While building on Takron-Galtos, workers uncover two cryogenic canisters.  When they open them it not only promises the return of the greatest teamup of DC Comics history, but actually changes how you view this book right down to what Universe it takes place in.  It certainly doesn't appear to be in the New 52, that's for sure.

Now this is what I've been waiting for.  The future of this book has just become so interesting that I need the next bunch of issues now.  The promise of zany fun has shot through the roof and I am so glad I'm part of it.

I've mentioned it before (so many times), but I must say it again.  I love Howard Porter's art.  It's been consistent throughout this series and while I love the story, Porter's art is my favorite part.  The standout this month is the final reveal, but the character work on the Injustice League is a close second.  Kudos also go to the excellent color work of Hi-Fi.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue just made a good series into something very special.  The idea of an Injustice league is great, but the actual formation (and who's involved) is inspired madness.  If that's not enough, the cliffhanger is simply awesome.  If you haven't been following what's going on, do yourself a favor and catch up because things are about to go off the rails in the most awesome way.  This book just went from guilty pleasure to pleasure to I need the next issue right now!  Highly Recommended.



  1. you know...I actually am wondering...HOW DA FUQ DID TERRY GET THE DNA OF ZEUS!?

  2. I mean what kind of god just...leaves his dna...lying...around....oh yeah this is 'imma bed a billion girls' zeus OKAY NOW MAKES SENSE!