Monday, December 8, 2014

Aquaman and the Others #8 Review

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Lan Medina
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 3, 2014


If you've been reading my reviews for this book, it's no surprise that I'm not a huge fan.  Dan Jurgens has been trying each month to get the reader interested in this team, but if you ask me, it's a losing battle.  They're just not that interesting. Seriously, this is the eighth issue of the series and I can't name the members of the Others off the top of my head.  I may be a dummy who went to West Virginia University, but it's more than that.  Now Dan Jurgens has added an evil group to fight the Others as well as having them fight each other.  Just great.  It's no surprise that this book hasn't caught on.

The issue opens up in the exciting land of Pennsylvania.  Prisoner of War is going a bit bonkers with the spirit of his dead ally who was killed by the Operative.  I like Prisoner of War as a character and wanted more of him in this book, but this story line just feels forced.  Before moving along, we also get a strange reminder of Futures End.  Hmmm.

We then head to the Moon to visit the villain team, Mayhem.  Cheshire, KGBeast and a bunch of guys and gals I really could care less about.  They are in Vostok's research station kicking each other's asses and bitching about the Operative.  Nobody likes that guy. Things get even more bizarre when Vostok leaves the Others and gives the bad guys a visit.  I really don't know what's happening here.  Vostok may be working undercover, he may be pissed because the Others keep calling him a clone, or both or something else.  I'm not sure.

The book ends with Prisoner of War, Ya'warra and the Operative heading off to an old Soviet installation with the hopes of stopping Mayhem's plans of launching the nukes they stole last month.  Things turn sour, however, when Prisoner of War takes advantage of the situation to attacks the Operative.  The Operative ends in a POW sleeper hold. Hmmm again.

This book had me in a sleeper hold.  It really is that bad.  The dialogue is a bunch of nonsense thrown on the page and the characters are either forgettable or just plain awful.  How it's lasted this long is beyond me.

Lan Medina's art is okay.  Nothing stellar, but serviceable.  I do like the look of Vostok and Prisoner of War.  That's something, right?

Bits and Pieces:

I didn't like this issue, but that's no surprise because I don't like this series.  I am so far from recommending this book to anyone, even fans of the Others from their appearances in Aquaman.  Just be like everyone else and avoid this book.



  1. A shame this book is bad. When i first saw the team I legitmately thought they were cool looking with a silly name

    1. no, they are cool looking with an awful story about them. It is my least favorite book to read and review...and I'm a huge Aquaman fan and liked their introduction in it.