Friday, December 12, 2014

DC Comics Releases March 2015 Movie Poster Variant Covers

DC Comics released the variant covers for March 2015 and they are simply awesome.  Each is a parody of an iconic movie poster and I'm telling you, there is not a dud in the bunch.  I'm sure there will be more released as not every book is included in the 22 images below, so stay tuned for more.  I haven't been a huge fan of the monthly themed variants, but I am totally down with these. My favorites are the Teen Titans, Grayson, Batgirl and Aquaman.  Thanks to Sceenrant, /Film, IGN, Hitfix and Buzzfeed for the images.  Enjoy!

ACTION COMICS #40 inspired by BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, with cover art by Joe Quinones

AQUAMAN #40 inspired by FREE WILLY, with cover art by Richard Horie

BATGIRL #40 inspired by PURPLE RAIN, with cover art by Cliff Chiang

BATMAN #40 inspired by THE MASK, with cover art by Dave Johnson

BATMAN & ROBIN #40 inspired by HARRY POTTER, with cover art by Tommy Lee Edwards

BATMAN/SUPERMAN #20 inspired by THE FUGITIVE, with cover art by Tony Harris

CATWOMAN #40 inspired by BULLITT, with cover art by Dave Johnson

DETECTIVE COMICS #40 inspired by THE MATRIX, with cover art by Brian Stelfreeze

FLASH #40 inspired by NORTH BY NORTHWEST, with cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz

HARLEY QUINN #16 inspired by JAILHOUSE ROCK, with cover art by Dave Johnson

GRAYSON #8 inspired by ENTER THE DRAGON, with cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz

GREEN LANTERN #40 inspired by 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, with cover art by Tony Harris

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #40 inspired by FORBIDDEN PLANET, with cover cover art by Tony Harris

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #10 inspired by MARS ATTACKS, with cover art by Marco D'Alphonso

JUSTICE LEAGUE #40 inspired by MAGIC MIKE, with cover art by Emanuela Lupacchino

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #40 inspired by BEETLEJUICE, with cover art by Joe Quinones

TEEN TITANS #8 inspired by THE LOST BOYS, with cover art by Alex Garner

SINESTRO #11 inspired by WESTWORLD, with cover art by Dave Johnson

SUPERGIRL #40 inspired by WIZARD OF OZ, with cover art by Marco D'Alphonso

SUPERMAN #40 inspired by SUPER FLY, with cover art by Dave Johnson

SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #17 inspired cover by GONE WITH THE WIND, with art by Gene Ha

WONDER WOMAN #40 inspired by 300, with cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz

Which ones are you're favorites?


  1. I really like that aquaman cover and batman and robin cover...FRIGGIN BATCOW XD

    1. If they make a Weird Science, breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles, Eric will flip out. He already thinks they ripped him off. My guesses for others is a Home Alone for Clarion, Breakfast Club for Gotham Academy, Pulp Fiction for Constantine, Trainspotting (or Usual Suspects) for Suicide Squad, The Fellowship of the Ring for New Guardians, Casablanca for Aquaman and the Others and Forest Gump for Deathstroke (or is the Terminator too easy a pick for that?!)

    2. Actually, I bet Constantine is Chinatown poster

    3. oh no doubt Deathstroke would get terminator, the mask matches the poster perfectly already

  2. Awesome gallery Jim! Found your blog via Alex Garner's deviantArt page. Linked to this post at DC Releases Movie-Inspired Covers For Upcoming Comic Books

    1. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the site as a whole and come back now and again.

  3. Replies
    1. I can't help but think of those guys singing the parts in that version...picturing Cyborg supes singing if i only had a brains just hilarious XD

    2. still love the Teen Titans?Lost Boys the best. now if they would have had a chance to put the epic sax man on it...perfection.

  4. No love for The Mask variant? Shame, I thought that one was pretty cool.

  5. Amazing collection of comics. Batman vs superman is one of my best comic. A new superhero TV show Black lightning is gonna released on January 2018. Hope this year gonna amazing with this new TV show. I am so excited to Watch Black lightning season 1 Episode 1 Online.

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