Sunday, December 7, 2014

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 12/6/14

I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to write and I'm not really coming up with anything.  Should I talk about Christmas?  I already bought my kids a PS4 and they've been playing it for a week and I'm worried they will complain about getting nothing on Christmas Day.  How about Football?  The Eagles play the Seahawks today and they need to win if they want to get home field throughout the playoffs which they desperately need if they want to at least get to the Superbowl.  I'm always up for talking about food.  I am very close to making a glazed doughnut hamburger in the next hour or so.  I am a glutton.  No, I guess I'll just get to the covers which are pretty cool this week with a salute to Blue and Gold, a Cooke variant, the weekly Ryan Sook entry and bit of avant garde coolness.  So, away we go...

Cover of the Week

Justice League 3000 (Howard Porter)

I have been singing the praises of this book since issue #1 to the point that I consider myself it's biggest fan.  Of all the books I read and review, this is the one I can't wait for each month.  How can they make it even better?  Three words...Blue and Gold!  Yep, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are in the house and if that's not good enough, it's the Pre New 52 versions.  Howard Porter starts things off with a classic looking cover that features the duo doing what they do best...running away from danger.  Hilarious.  If you haven't read an issue of JL 3000, you can jump right into this one and see what you think.  To see what I thought, go to my review HERE.

Runners Up

Grayson #5 (Mikel Janin)

Surreal, hypnagogic, experimental...let's just say it's damn good.  Mikel Janin's cover is so good, but what I liked best about it is that it isn't cool for cools sake.  It tells you the story of what's inside the cover.  After reading the issue, the cover became that much better.  By the way, Janin's art inside is even better.  My review of the issue is HERE.

Detective Comics #37 (Darwyn Cooke Variant Cover)

I love this comic for no reason other than it's awesome.  There are so many cool things, but the best part is seeing how much Alfred loves Bruce.  The second best part is the bloody wrap on Bruce's hand.  I wonder who he was beating the crap out of that got him so tired.  Eric reviews this, but hasn't got to it yet so I don't know if the issue is good or not.  I do love me some Buccellato and Manapul and this is the beginning of their Anarky story so it should be pretty good.

The New 52: Futures End #31 (Ryan Sook)

It seems I should start reserving a spot for Ryan Sook on this list each week.  This week he gives us a great and somber cover that features great characters all doing their thing all in an explosion below another lonesome scene.  Awesome.  Sook is really setting the bar high for covers and the fact that he's doing it weekly is even more impressive.  Eric's review for the issue is HERE.

I hope you like the choices and I'm off to make that burger.  See you next week.


  1. The batman variant is so sweet. I love Cooke's art, especially in DC the new frontier and the before watchmen Minutemen miniseries he did :)

    1. New Frontier was great! I always love Cooke's stuff, but that variant was special.