Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Injustice: Year Three #11 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Bruno Redondo and Xermanico
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: December 9, 2014

Stranger Things Have Happened

Year Three of Injustice has been full of magic, fun and a whole lot of setup.  I'm not against a slow burn story, Year Two was just that and I loved it, but this is different.  Something has been missing.  To me, the over reliance on magical characters has caused the book to lose it's focus and I just want it to get back on track.  What I'm saying is, I want more issues that push the overall story forward.  This weeks issue begins doing just that.  Plus, it's hilarious and I always love that.

The issue opens with a meeting of Team Batman at one of the coolest tables I've ever seen.  What's cooler is who's sitting at it.  I was glad to see Huntress, Catwoman and Batwoman again.  With all the magic stuff going on, we haven't seen them in a while.  Of course, Year Three star, Constantine, is there as well and he's great as usual.  They are trying to figure out Madame Xanadu's prophecy when the greatest Detective proves why he got that title.  Yes, I'm talking about Detective Chimp!  He's alive and has an awesome eye patch.  Can you guess who's with him?  If you said Harley Quinn, you are right.  These two need a book of their own.

Like I said, Detective (and pirate) Chimp has figured out that Wonder Woman is back in the game when Dr. Fate makes his usual sudden appearance.  Constantine almost crapped his pants and the two have one of the funniest exchanges I've read in a while. While Fate (he's not a Doctor, right Harley?) tries to be cryptic it's pretty obvious that Phantom Stranger is about to make an appearance.  I've been waiting for Phantom Stranger to show up, but knowing he's going for a sit down with The Spectre had me nervous right away.  Constantine and Batman see that as the opportunity they've been waiting for.

The book ends with The Spectre and Phantom Stranger not seeing eye-to-eye and Superman and The Hall of Justice being attacked by Hellfire.  I'm skipping a bunch of play by play because it is so good and I want you to enjoy it for yourself.  This issue is back to what I like.  It is still setup, but we get a great variety of characters and a couple really interesting cliffhangers.  I want to know who The Spectre is right now and it's nice to see Team Superman on the defensive without their magical heavy hitter around. I am really want the next issue now.

Bruno Redondo and Xermanico are back on art and it's instantly noticeable.  This issue looks great and I mean every character looks like the coolest version of themselves.  This is what's been missing.

Bits and Pieces:

It pains me to say that Year Three has been a bit disapointing up to now, but this issue is getting us back on track.  It's funny, has a great cast of characters and ends with two awesome cliffhangers.  Bruno Redondo and Xermanico are back on art and I couldn't be happier.  Since it's still setup, it's not a good jumping on point, but fans will really enjoy this return to form.  Highly recommended.



    Stranger seemed a bit dim on the whole uptake with the spectre. I mean by the way he was talking insuates theyve known each other for years.

    Stranger, I love you, I really do, i cosplayed as you, BUT USE YOUR HEAD AND YA POWERS!

    1. yea, he walked right into that! I hope that it was a ploy of some sort, but I think he's done for. Batman and Constantine just used him as a convenient distraction.

  2. Did you guys see Detective Chimp's shirt? Bit of a shot at Guardians of the Galaxy. :D

    1. Yea, thought that was great! Even if GOG is one of my favorite movies