Monday, December 8, 2014

Green Arrow #37 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Andrew Kreisberg, Ben Sokolowski
Art By: Daniel Sampere, Jonathan Glapion
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 3, 2014

Bailing On The Party

It's time to get some info on what's going on in this series.  I've had the damnedest time with characters in this book not being who they're supposed to be and by that I mean I've been confused.  In the last issue of Green Arrow we saw Felicity join the Arrow team and I don't want to hear people talking shit because it really is a lot of fun and maybe Green Arrow wouldn't hurt having the backup that he has in the television show.  So yeah, Felicity's in and our trio tracked down Mia Dearden, but last issue's cliffhanger was Merlyn coming to claim the child and possibly taking out our hero in the process.  There we are and after reading this issue I need to tell you that Mr. King in this series is not Arthur King like I've been saying over and over again because it kind of made sense to me that he was going to be Merlyn due to Merlyn's real name in the old universe being Arthur King.  I guess I just got over zealous and gave him the Arthur name even though we find out here that his name is John King.  So sorry for being wrong so much but let's put that behind us and check out this issue of Green Arrow.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Green Arrow getting the shit kicked out of him immediately, I mean like page two immediately.  It would of been page 1, but we had to find out that one of the head cops on the scene works for "The King" and yeah, I've jumped to conclusions about who John King was before and it bit me in the ass, I even called him Arthur King and that wasn't right either.  So even with all these past failures in the Green Arrow series, I'm going to say that "The King" is John King..... cause it is.  Anyway Oliver gets the shit kicked out of him almost immediately.  We see arrows fly past him, he gets kicked in the face and then stabbed in the side as Merlyn keeps moving and throws Mia Dearden over his shoulder as he continues his escape.  Somehow Felicity is tracking Merlyn and Oliver shakes off his injuries from before, but instead of the archer beat'em up we expected.......Merlyn recognizes Green Arrow and when I say recognize I mean he called him Oliver....... Then he simply vanished.  Okay that was a bit awkward, but at least Oliver was able to save Mia Dearden and now we can find out what's so important about her.

So after getting back to safely Oliver apparently seems comfortable enough just to go around without a mask in front of this girl, which I don't understand and we find out that Mia Dearden is actually the daughter of John King and after she watched him kill her mother, she swiped an encrypted thumb drive from him and took off to the streets...... Hence all the men in suits trying to bring her back.  So after Felicity gets her hands on the drive, she immediately gains access and we see that the drive is a list of people that are labeled "Subjects" and at first my mind went immediately to "test" subjects, but then I remembered that I'm stupid and realized that these are people working for "The King" aka John King aka not Arthur King.  So with this new knowledge Oliver finds out that John King is having a fundraiser that night and instead of making himself be apart of the party, it seems that he's already invited, tack on a plus two and Diggle and Felicity are getting their boogie shoes ready.  Everything seems to be going pretty good for our heroes, it's too bad that when they went to the party and left Mia at Zehra's apartment, that John King's guys found her and got with the taser'in.  Hopefully Zehra's alright.

In the end our trio go aboard a blimp where the fundraiser is being held and we find out that John King invited Oliver on purpose because he knows that he's Green Arrow and he always likes to see what obstacles are in his way when he takes over a city and it's not the normal "take over' we're used to, it's more that he makes the city a better place to live, he only asks for people's complete loyalty.  Well once Oliver finds out that King's way of saving a city doesn't involve masks or arrows, he's downright pissed about it, but before there's a lot of words that couldn't be unspoken, King has all of people on the blimp stop what they are doing and throw Diggle, Oliver and Felicity out of it's window.  It looked like the end for our heroes....... Well Felicity and Diggle, Oliver seemed cool as a cucumber as he was free falling, but none of that matters because our trio was saved by the Green Lantern: Hal Jordan.  I didn't even know that Oliver and Hal really knew each other.

That's it for this month's Green Arrow and I didn't want to say it at the beginning, but it really looks like Tommy Merlyn survived the exploding oil rigger in Green Arrow #0 and got himself a complete assassin makeover.  I'm really interested in seeing how Merlyn and Oliver work things out if they actually do and if Tommy holds that giant scar on his face against Oliver.  This month's issue was an alright installment to the series, but it does kind of feel that we missed an issue in between the last one and this.  We knew that John King was a bad dude, but all of a sudden here he has subjects with wrist tattoos claiming allegiance to him out of nowhere.  It just seems like kind of a big leap from one issue to another.  As for the art this issue, it seems like Daniel Sampere keeps going up and down with his performance levels.  The first issue he did I didn't care for and then last issue looked great and now here it seems that Oliver has turned into Dolph Lundgren from Rocky IV.  It really seems that if men aren't wearing masks, he has an problem with them and takes it out on their faces, but it's only really men that are the problem, women look fine.  Oh well, it was an alright issue and I still have high hopes for the rest of the story line, so we'll see you back here in a month when we find out what the hell Hal is doing back on Earth....... Oh and for all my bitching, Daniel Sampere can draw the hell out of the Green Lantern and I can't wait to see him more.

Bits and Pieces:

I wasn't really impressed with this month's issue of Green Arrow.  The villain of this story line seemed to jump from a political bad dude to a Lex Luthor style super villain out of nowhere and the art this month was also a little disappointing when looking at people who weren't wearing a mask.  But hey, if they were wearing a mask they looked beyond badass, so take it as you will.  I was really excited to read this issue, but in the end it didn't live up to the hype I had for it.


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