Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Batman: Eternal #36 Review

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Fernando Blanco
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 10, 2014

Escape Club

I can finally say that I'm a fan of Baternal.  It took a while, but I'm now fully in.  Hush has been taken down and while I thought that would mean a change in Bard, it didn't.  Actually, it did change him in my mind...it made him more of a jerk.  Last issue showed that his vendetta against Batman is totally personal and ended with him sending the Dark Knight to his death.  This week we get to peek in with two of my favorite characters, see Hush lounging in the Batcave and find out if Batman survives.

I love Harper Row and Tim Drake and I hope the get together and I don't mean in a Brave and the Bold teamup book.  Actually, I'd love that, but I'm talking about the kissy kissy.  Harper is trying to save her brother, Cullen, when Red Robin finds out about Batman and the whole dying thing.  After a bit of awkward dialogue, he heads off to save Batman.  That must be a really, really tall building Batman is plummeting from.

While the Bat Family gathers, Julia is the real hero.  It's no surprise that Batman doesn't die.  In fact, the fun part in a comic like this isn't if Batman survives, but how he does it.  This issue shows that it's not just Batman who prepares for everything.  While that's being sorted out, Vicki Vale continues her investigation into Bard's past.  Remember I said it was personal for Bard?  This issue gets personal for Vicki.  I guess she is now Bard's ex-girlfriend.

This leads to the best panel in this series so far.  If you were wondering, Bard can take a punch better than Guy Gardner.  Batman and Bard get a little face time and while Batman understands Bard's pain, he also take umbrage with his tunnel vision.  When Bard tries a cheap shot, Red Hood, Batgirl and Red Robin introduce themselves.  It's a pretty cool scene.

Afterwards, back in the Batcave, the Bat Family seems to be having a little post almost dying fun, but somethings troubling Batman.  Nothing adds up and Hush is really enjoying watching Batman squirm.  I really don't think Hush should be able to sit and watch Batman.  Just saying.  The book then ends with a HUGE cliffhanger.  I am not a huge fan of who it is, but I can't deny that it is a major twist that will have people talking.

This issue tread water a bit until the end and then...Bam!  It does really bother me that Hush gets a front row seat of the action, but I am glad I'll be right there with him.  I am really excited to see where this goes.

I also really enjoyed Fernado Blanco's art.  I have been generally impressed by the quality of art on this weekly and Fernando Blanco is one of my favorites.  His detailed style is great right down to the many stubbly beards he loves to draw and I thought this issue looked great cover-to-cover.

Bits and Pieces:

While the pacing was a bit off this issue, it ended with another huge cliffhanger.  While Bard id fighting for personal reasons and the nanobot problem remains unsolved, this issue ended with a huge cliffhanger and peek at one of the major behind the scenes players.  James Tynion's story and Fernando Blanco's art are both really good and I can defiantly recommend it.


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