Sunday, December 14, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #37 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Van Jensen
Art By: Bernard Chang, Mirko Colak
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 10, 2014

Holy Shit, We're All Going To Die!

Last time in GODHEAD We saw Hal Jordan and Black Hand teaming up to take down the New Gods but there plan didn't really go as expected.  When the two reached the Source Wall, they were supposed to meet up John Stewart, Sinestro and the rest of the New Gods resistance gang but as we saw in the last issue of Green Lantern Corps, John and Sinestro jumped the gun and went and got themselves betrayed by Indigo-1 which got them captured by Orion.  So now that team is on their way to New Genesis in a ball prison that negates all the powers of the emotional spectrum and Highfather is about to create his new army with the Life Equation to finally put an end to Darkseid once and for all.  Let's see if anything here works out for our Lantern heroes, because as of right now nothing really has.  Let's check out GODHEAD Act 3 Part 2!

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Highfather doing something that really seems out of character to me....... You know, besides for just stopping all his Life Equation nonsense and just going on vacation....... That would be a weird ending huh?  After Indigo-1 betrays all the other Lanterns in her "Let's Save The Universe" group, Highfather gives her back a Indigo ring and boom tubes her home........... What happened to all that "rings are too powerful for lesser beings" nonsense that Highfather has been spouting most of this story arc?  I guess they're too powerful for lesser beings that don't do favors for Highfather.  There are a lot of rules..... I wonder if New Genesis has a handbook that gets passed around.  Now that Indigo-1 is gone we see that Malhedron is questioning Highfather's decisions a little bit and I'm sure that little tidbit of information won't come back to the story in a big way, so I guess we'll move on.  So Uggha returns to New Genesis and we see that he has captured a bunch of different Lanterns and it looks like they'll have the privilege to become the first of Highfather's transformed Lanterns warriors and all I can really think here is that I hope this goes better than Highfather's first attempt when he collected all the rings and tried to transform a planet............. It was gross.  Do you remember that scene in Robocop when that dude drove his van into that vat of Toxic Waste?  Yeah it was kind of like that......... Well maybe it wasn't exactly like that, but that's the way I like to remember it.

So after Highfather went and changed all the Lanterns Uggha had captured, John Stewart and Sinestro's crew finally arrived in their orb prison vehicle and I'm not saying that the Lanterns that were just transformed were bitches or anything, but you better believe that John and Sinestro are going to put up a fight before some over the top god like character transforms them into slaves.  Sinestro pulls out the terror of Parallax and John starts Captain America-ing the New Gods with his shield created out of a damaged white lantern ring, but the fight goes as well as every other fight the Lanterns have put up against this enemy..........  Yeah, they get their asses handed to them.

The remade Lanterns put them in a full nelson and Highfather monologues about how he's going to remake all of the Lanterns and then go to Earth and remake the Justice League and when Darkseid returns to Earth, he'll be torn a new fire pit.  Now it's time for our heroes to be remade and who would of guessed that Malhedron would of picked this issue to betray Highfather and boom tubes John, Sinestro and Saint Walker to safety............. just not any of the other Lanterns they were with..........  That's kind of fucked up.

Malhedron then tells our heroes that he plans of going far far away and he suggests that the three of them do the same, but John doesn't want to hear any of this nonsense.  He wants Malhedron to take them back so they can suck at fighting some more and hopefully save their friends, while Sinestro plans on acquiring his own Mother Box and getting back to Hal Jordan for reinforcements.   Malhedron agrees and John shows back up like a bad ass assassin.  I'm serious, he yells down from a high vantage point sporting the shield and a sniper rifle construct saying that he'll pick off the citizens of New Genesis one by one and that he'll become like a ghost in the city that no one will ever find......... Think of Rambo: First Blood and that's the attitude that John has right now............ So bad ass!  So this little speech pissed Highfather off enough that it buys our other Lanterns some time because now Highfather just wants to see Uggha kill this upstart.

In the end Uggha and John move into the city, away from prying Highfather eyes fighting and we see that Uggha's hammer is one of the most powerful weapons in the multiverse and he proves this by chucking it at John's shield shattering it, but what Uggha didn't expect was for John to use his hammer against him............ That's right folks, it's HAMMER TIME!  John beats the holy hell out of Uggha with his own hammer and we finish this issue with John, Saint Walker and Malhedron teleporting away while John says "This insurgency is only getting warmed up".  So while we're still probably all going to die, at least we'll be doing it knowing that John is a bad ass mother fucker.......... I wouldn't be surprised if it said it on his wallet.

That's it for this issue of Green Lantern Corps and while it's ending was a big slice out of a kick ass cake, up until that point there wasn't a whole lot going on.  It's like you're trudging through something that isn't really holding your attention and then you realize out of nowhere that you're missing the best part of it because it just blindsided you with it's badassery.......... That was this book.  So it's really up to you, do you think that a bad ass conclusion to a book can make up for a boring beginning?  I'd like to think so because while I won't really remember the start of the book, I'll sure as hell keep thinking about the ending until the next part of GODHEAD comes out next week.  It was a good time with good art and the only question I have left leaving this issue........ What the hell did Highfather let Indigo-1 go for?  See you next week when we take a look at Green Lantern: New Guardians and see if Kyle and Carol can do anything in that issue since their rings are depleted.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

While some character actions seem to come out of left field here, I can say that the ending to this book made up for a slow beginning by a long run.  With Solid art and characters we love just kicking a whole lot of ass, this is book that you'll be like "Meh" in the beginning and then screaming for more by the end.  The real fight against the New Gods starts here.  Check it out.



  1. So i think the reason highfather let indigo 1 go is because he didnt percieve her as a threat. The indigos have always seemed pretty neutral in most affairs. Remember how the first issue of this story have an indigo go"alright here you go"?
    Well essentially Highfather took that as a sign of them giving no dangs

    very small side note: I like that version of the word God on the cover, its a neat little design. Also is it just me but do the life equation converts look like stormtroopers

    1. Total stormtroopers. I dig the normal lantern symbol on their head with the white around it, really cool