Thursday, December 18, 2014

Earth 2: World's End #11 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Daniel H. Wilson
Art By: Scott McDaniels, Paulo Siqueira, Cam Smith, Hi-Fi
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 17, 2014

It's A Miracle!

When we last stepped into the war torn world of Earth 2 we saw that the actual planet Apokolips had boom tubed itself right smack dab in Earth's face.......... If you think of the planet as having a face that is.  With that problem looming over all of our heroes, the World Army enacted their plan to take the fight to Apokolips and at this point the World Army only really consists of Commander Khan, Mister Terrific, Sandman, Terry Sloan and Mister Miracle............. before he went all A.D.D. and decided to go after his father Darkseid on his own.  This is the point where everything went to hell children.  Mister Miracle went after Darkseid and the rest of our heroes, instead of sticking to the plan and blowing the hell out of Apokolips decide to go after Miracle and our New God escape artist uses Mister Terrific's boom spheres to try and kill Darkseid, but all it did was release him from his confinements.............. What was he doing down there?  How does this correspond with the timeline of Batman and Robin right now?  All good questions................. Yeah, I don't have any answers to them.  Lets check out this issue and see what's going down.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with what we were promised for last week's issue.  Darkseid Rises!  Remember how I said I didn't know what Darkseid was doing down in that Mobius Chamber?  Well apparently that's where the heart of Apokolips was kept and Darkseid decided to eat it to gain his full strength back..........  All I can think about is that scene from Jason Goes To Hell where the autopsy Doc started chowing down on Jason Voorhees' heart.  What you didn't see that one?  Well now you have plans this weekend.

What does this mean for Apokolips now that Darkseid has eaten the planet's heart?  I don't know, I figure that the planet will somehow devour Earth and be made new or Darkseid will simply cut his losses with the original Apokolips and Earth 2 will become the new one........... Yeah, now that I think about it, that's probably it.  Now that we've got that cleared up, let's see what Darkseid plans on doing with the heroes of this book............ It turns out he plans on kicking the shit out of them.  Besides for the ass kicking we see that when Big Barda told Miracle to use the boom spheres on Darkseid last issue, she actually suggested this because she knew it would only free their lord and master and after this I have to question my love for Big Barda since she totally pulls this dick move and betrays Miracle.  Going back to Darkseid and the heart eating thing......... Why and how was Darkseid trapped in that Mobius Chamber?  Now I was never a big New Gods fan growing up because I just really found it all a bit confusing and maybe it's because I'm not completely familiar with all the ins and outs of these characters and the world they inhabit that I'm so confused here............. or it's just confusing as shit and no one really knows what this is about.  Here's hoping I'm not a dummy.  Okay so Barda has betrayed everyone and Miracle and Fury get captured.  It's at this point where Fury accepts Darkseid's terms and says she'll work for him again but Mister Miracle isn't about to go back to the life he once lived.  You know that just means a shit ton of torture.

Now this next part is really up to the reader to interpret I think.  Fury is starting to get back into old roles on Apokolips when she is met by Terry Sloan who tells her where to find Miracle and for the two of them to be someplace at a specific time.  She responds by telling him that unlike him, she only fights for one side.  Now none of what I said was too crazy here.  She doesn't want anything to do with saving Miracle and Sloan can go to hell................. Which leads us to Fury saving Mister Miracle.  So what do you think, was she just feeding Sloan a line or did he actually convince her to save Miracle and then tell Miracle that she was only telling Darkseid what he wanted to hear?  I think she's a fickle mush head and that's all.  So after she convinces Scott that she isn't going to betray him anymore the two go to where Sloan suggested they be.

In the end, we find out that Earth 2 was completely sacrificed by Highfather as a way to ensure peace between Darkseid and himself.  That's right folks, the gods aren't helping here and Darkseid has been given carte blanche to fuck up Earth 2.  Well with this new information, Mister Miracle decides that he will fight for the people of Earth and be their miracle since the gods have abandoned them.

That's it for this week's issue and while I wasn't too into the art style in this book, I do have to say that with the decision to finally have one artist, the book really felt more cohesive.......... and I guess that it being one story as well didn't hurt that either.  So yeah, one full story, one artist working on that story and yet the story wasn't really doing much to get me interested in this issue.  Darkseid is back and besides for the last piece of information about the New Gods selling out Earth 2, it was pretty uneventful.  Fury flip flopped her allegiance back and forth, Miracle was captured and then wasn't and Barda's a bitch.  Not much going on here.  Even though this issue wasn't what I wanted it to be, I hope you all are back next week as we see if World's End can make this one story, one artist thing a trend and give us a holiday miracle.  See you then.

What You Talking Bout DC? 

I've been having some questions lately and I figured that I'd start a new section to my reviews where I could pose said questions and maybe get some answers............ but mostly I just want to gripe about them so that they're out in the world and it can plague all of you boys and girls.  So, what are you talking about DC?  How is Darkseid trapped in the Mobius Chamber here when he was fighting Batman in this week's issue of Batman and Robin?  What's the timeline here?  In Batman and Robin we saw that Darkseid was in some sort of coma after his fight with the Justice League six years earlier and here we see him waging war against Earth 2 and eating planet hearts.......... So what's up?  Did Darkseid fight Batman and then have a hankering for some planet heart and get trapped in the Mobius Chamber?  Also did Highfather give Earth 2 to Darkseid six years ago when he initially attacked the planet or only lately so that he could keep the peace while he searched for the Life Equation in GODHEAD?  Is there no timeline and I'm just really reading too much into this or is there a grand design that is hidden somewhere within all the New God play the New 52 has gotten lately?  That's it for the first installment of What You Talking Bout DC?  I hope all of you out there in interwebs land can find some meaning behind all that's been going down................... and if you do tell me because I love me a cohesive timeline.

Bits and Pieces:

For a uber fan of the New Gods and all of Kirby's fourth world stories, this might be just what you've been waiting for with this title, but for anyone else it comes off as a bit stale.  With the exception of a on again off again betrayal and a decent revelation at the end this story doesn't really serve a purpose other than to show us that Darkseid has finally risen.  A big plus to this though is that DC has finally heard our cries and has made this issue a single story with a single artist, but I wouldn't expect it to stay so you might want to get this issue purely for the oddity of the format.  



  1. I think Terry Sloan might be a new god...

    1. Hell for all I know he might be a monitor in disguise. All I know at this point from this series and the Futures End Earth 2 issue is that he's not from Prime Earth or Earth 2

    2. crazy thought...what if hes the convergence villain in disguise

    3. Would he even need to be in disguise? I don't have a clear idea on who the villain is in Convergence

  2. As a uber fan of the new gods and all of that Kirby Fourth Wall stuff, I got a real kick out of this issue. ^^

    1. See that's awesome then, anyway you can answer any of my questions? I want to be able to enjoy books too.

    2. I'll answer your questions...No, headbands aren't cool and yes, you should have let that nice little girl use your phone.

  3. Due to his previous weakened state, losses and injuries sustained in fights including those depicted most recently in the Robin Rises storyarc, Darkseid had to trap himself at the core of Apokolips and eat out its energies. Hope this helps!