Sunday, December 14, 2014

DC Comics Announces Landry Walker as New Writer on Red Lanterns

Since Charles Soule announced that he had signed an exclusive deal with Marvel, everybody has been waiting to see who would replace him on his DC books.  Peter J. Tomasi just recently took over Superman/Wonder Woman, but who would be writing Swamp Thing and Red Lanterns was still a mystery...until now.

DC Comics announced that Landry Walker would be the new writer on Red Lanterns, joining artist Jim Calafiore as the shiny new creative team.  In an interview with CBR (HERE),  Walker pledged his love for Guy Gardner, assured Guy will remain a Red Lantern for a while (though he admits he's a fickle writer) and has no immediate plans to reform the Red lantern Corps.  I am fully on board with the focus remaining on Guy, but when asked, Walker said there were no plans for Simon Baz in the future of the book.  Boo!

Landry has some experience at DC Comics, writing the "Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade" which was a very good all-ages comic and is currently finishing up his series "Danger Club" over at Image. His run on Red Lanterns starts with issue #38 which will hit the shelves on January 28, 2015.