Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wonder Woman #37 Review

Written by: Meredith Finch
Art by: David Finch
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 17, 2014

Untouched Sheets of Clay

It seems like everyone is focused on what this book isn't.  I know it's hard to let go, but Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang are gone. They've packed up their things and moved out...three months ago.  Don't pretend you haven't been listening to Pearl Jam's "Black" over and over, either.  I hear it coming from your room all night.  Dude, it's time to get over them and accept that this is the Finch's book now and let them do their thing.  Maybe you will fall in love all over again.  Unfortunately, it seems like the Finch's are a little Lost in Love themselves.

This month's issue starts with two pretty dark scenes.  The first shows Amazon warriors being attacked by mechanical birds which they obviously have fought many times before.  They birds look cool enough, but the Amazon's dialogue is a bit heavy handed. The second scene looks like a nightmare come to life complete with a boiling cauldron, a witch, a demon and a sacrifice.  It seems that Wonder Woman has caused all these problems.

Meredith Finch has started her run on Wonder Woman with the idea that Diana has neglected her duties as an Amazon and God of War.  I have a problem with this because during the previous thirty five issues, most people would agree that she dealt with those duties to a fault.  One of my only problems with Azzarello's run was that Wonder Woman didn't interact enough with the rest of the DCU.  Even Superman called her on it during the Doomed story.  This is just one example of how Meredith is stuck between Azzarello's run and her own.

Speaking of Supes, he throws tradition to the wind and joins Wonder Woman for a sparring session.  Superman comes off as a nice guy and a really great boyfriend.  However, Wonder Woman comes off as a self centered jerk.  She doesn't look any better when she's called to face the Amazon Council.  They again shove the idea of neglect down the readers throat and then after another mechanical bird attack (and no Jody, they don't look like Bubo) we get it again.  Something tells me that Meredith wants to tell us that wonder Woman has neglected her duties.  Just saying. Then the book ends in a jaw dropping way that will have fanboys rejoicing even if it seems a little foced and very, very strange.  That being said, it could be what this book needs to get it going.

Meredith Finch seems to be struggling with this book.  Instead of making it her own, she is stuck somewhere between Azzarello's run and hers.  The problem is, I'm not sure what remains from the past run.  It's just not that clear.  What we are left with is a poorly paced book with little identity of it's own.  However, the cliffhanger and what it means to the Amazons and Wonder Woman has me at least a little excited.

I do enjoy David Finch's art.  It's clean and cartoony, but also dark and scary when it has to be.  There are a few scenes this month where it does need to be.

Bits and Pieces:

The Finch's Wonder Woman is still struggling to find it's own voice.  David's art is really good, but Meredith is stuck between honoring the past and paving her own way.  What we get is a book that is the mediocre bits of both worlds.  The cliffhanger was a game changer, however, and hopefully it's the start of a great story.  I hope so because I want to fall in love again.



  1. The art is good but I don't like how he draws Wonder Woman at all. Her face looks like a teenage girl and sexualized her. That's why I loved Cliff Chiang's art, cause there was no attention brought to her body or how she looked.

    1. I aggree that Wonder Womanlooks younger than she should and it makes it a bit weird, but overall, I like the art. It is no Cliff Chiang, (or Goran Sudzuka). That art was a huge part of what made that last run so special.

  2. Well this comic was at least an improvement..I hope the finches leave this title after convergence

    1. I agree. I just want them to have their own voice. It was going to be tough to follow Azzarello and Chiang so I'm going to give them a chance, but if it doesn't get a lot better by June than I agree with you about changing things up.

  3. Wow, I'm really enjoying their run! People would gripe if Diana suddenly had nothing to do with the Gods and Goddesses and Paradise Island. Wonder Woman fans are used to new creative teams ignoring what went on previously.

    I'm predicting that Donna Troy's origin will be somewhat similar to the Byrne origin for Donna in 1998. In WW #36, we see Diana wistfully looking at a drawing of two "Wonder Girls". Then, later in the issue, Diana has a memory of being a young girl looking at a dark-haired infant as Hippolyte watches. Donna Troy must've been a SECOND child of the Hippolyte/Zeus pairing! I'm guessing that Donna was stolen/spirited away, maybe similar to Dark Angel abducting her in the 1998 Byrne origin.

    Meredith gave us a few clues in #36 but I never saw Donna Troy's appearance at the end of #37!

    I find it a fun book. I guess I'm the only one.