Saturday, December 20, 2014

Top 5 Fridays: Lantern Books I'd Like To See In June

This is coming in a little late because I wasn't feeling well on Friday but since it has to do with the recently released cancelled titles, I figured that I'd go ahead and put this up late because later on some info could be released making this Top 5 pointless or all of you out there just might stop caring.  So here it is, your late Top 5 Fridays.

With the news this week that a shit ton of books are being cancelled in March I figured we'd take a look at a Top 5 dealing with something from that.  The thing that shocked me the most from the list of cancelled books was that Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians and Red Lanterns were among those dropped................ It still baffles me about how that could happen.  Yeah, us fans were getting a bit tired of all the massive crossovers that the Lantern titles were constantly doing, but even for all our bitching, I don't think that we ever thought they'd be cancelled as a remedy to our complaints.  With those books ending in March and then DC going on it's two month Convergence kick, I figure that when June hits we'll have more Lantern books than simply Green Lantern and Sinestro but the question is........... which ones?  That's what we're doing here for this Top 5 Fridays, suggesting Lantern books that I'd like to see in June and then hearing from all of you out there in interwebs land about how bad of an idea some or all of them are............. That's how things work around here right?  Let's get into this Lantern heavy Top 5 so I can go eat some pizza and watch Planet of the Apes.

#5.  Guy Gardner Warrior

Most of my life I hated Guy Gardner.......... I'm talking about really hating him.  Growing up it actually became a joke to talk to me about Guy Gardner at my local comic book shop, but after my buddy who owned the place gave me a couple issues of Guy Gardner Warrior as a joke, I was a changed man.  Seriously though, once I read those issues I actually gained a new respect for the character and really enjoyed him in this persona of the weapon morphing Vuldarian Warrior........ The story is ridiculous as hell, but if for some reason GODHEAD and Convergence screw things up completely and that's why the Lantern books went bye bye, well I personally wouldn't mind seeing an updated Warrior................ I think I might be the only one and that my interwebs friends is why this made #5!

#4.  Blue Lanterns

Now I don't want any of you out there to think just because poor Saint Walker and the Blue Lanterns only made #4 that it's because I don't really like them.......... No, the only reason they aren't at a better spot is because I just happen to like the other ideas I have a little more, but I would totally read and hope to enjoy a Blue Lanterns title that would explore Saint Walker building his Corps back up from nothing.  Really this is something that I want to see because we haven't thoroughly explored the Blue Lanterns and because it's a title we haven't had yet.  I guess we can always hope...................... I hope to see them go back and kick the shit out of the Reach for destroying their original home world.  I know that Blue Lanterns aren't in the revenge game, but man that's some payback that's been a long time coming.

#3.  The New Guardians

The beginning of the New 52 was an awesome time to be a DC fan.  While some might have complained about all the continuity that was thrown out the window, the rest of us were given a pseudo new world to explore with our favorite heroes.  One of my favorites was Green Lantern: New Guardians.  Not only did it feature my favorite Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner but it's first stories were all about getting a member from each of the emotional spectrum and teaming them up together........ Brilliant!  I had this whole idea back then that the Guardians would be taken out and Kyle would start the New Guardians and we'd have a member from each spectrum as one of the people on the council and the Universe would be protected and governed through them.  That's just what I wanted and man I didn't get anything close to that.  So now that Green Lantern: New Guardians is ending, I just want the series to come back and be New Guardians and make my original idea of what the book would be a reality.  It could also be terrible and be as interesting as a trade dispute in Star Wars........... But just like that, I'd check it out too.

#2.  White Lantern

This is more of a selfish pick because of how much I love Kyle Raynor and how I really don't want to live in a world where he doesn't have his own book and his own adventures.  With that said, I really also want to explore more about his White Lantern powers.  Here he is one of the most powerful beings in the universe and we haven't really done shit with him using them.  Hell, mostly it seems that Kyle comes up against things that are too powerful for him and he simply gets his ass kicked until he somehow finds the power to overcome his asskickery.  I would just like to see Kyle back on Earth doing his thing as a White Lantern and if a Lantern of his caliber needs to be among the stars then I really wouldn't mind that either............. I just need me some Kyle Rayner.

#1.  Earth 2: Green Lantern

This is #1 because.................. Well just look at it, you know why it's #1.  It's a solo book I've been wanting to happen since the early issues of Earth 2 and with all those other Lantern books hitting the chopping block, well I don't see any reason that Alan Scott couldn't slide right in their place.  Not only do we get a fan favorite character like Alan in his own book, we get to fill up a Lantern slot and an avatar slot................... Yeah I know I'm reaching here, but I don't see any reason besides for all the Earth shattering stuff we've seen in Earth 2 that the characters from that world can't get their own books.  Let's be like Sarah Conner and fight the future against Austrian bodybuilders and make Earth 2 a place where characters like Alan Scott and Jay Garrick get their own books.

That's it for this installment of Top 5 Fridays and our look at the Lantern books I want to see in June.  I just get so few things that I actually want in life that I don't think it's too much to ask that I get one of these titles in June..........preferably #1 or #2...........Maybe while your at it you can also get me an X-Box One..... Maybe?  What Lantern titles would you like to see come to the New 52?  Are they better than mine?  If they are then keep them to yourself because this is the Eric show and I cry easily.  I hope you all have an excellent weekend and we'll hopefully see you in seven...........Hopefully.


  1. I really wish a bunch of Earth-2 titles for the New New New New 52. Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Justice Society and perhaps a Citizen Steel one... jk

  2. I would love an alan scott solo the look into the future...and by the sounds of it...Alan isnt making it off earth 2...

  3. Replies
    1. All that hate I once felt for Guy Gardner as a kid went into G'Nort when I finally came around to Guy. I do have to say though that I really liked his inclusion in Larfleeze before it ended.

  4. Some suggestions
    1. Hal Jordan as the only green lantern on earth , Working out of Coast City fighting extraterrestrials hiding on earth.
    2. Bring back Nero as the only Black Lantern opposite of Kyle Raynor White Lantern.
    3. Simon Baz and John Stewart as buddy cops keeping peace in the most lawless corners of the universe
    4. Guy Gardner back as the red lantern trying to bring together all the Red Lanterns and turning them to a force of good

    1. Actually i kinda have a mash up idea of your 4 idea. So like he tries and succeeds, but then after botched job, he decides to turn to another spectrum color. Blue. So he then goes on a hero's journey trying to purge himself of the rage

    2. Guy Gardner : Blue Lantern, is an awesome idea.

  5. Eric wouldn't go with my idea, "GL Vice" with Guy and John Stewart. Back to the drawing board.

  6. I desperately want to see a Blue Lanterns series. Couldn't agree more.