Saturday, February 14, 2015

Batgirl #39 Preview

Written By: Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher
Art By: Babs Tarr
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 18, 2015

For months, Batgirl’s been hounded by an unseen threat claiming to be the “real” Batgirl…and the truth of her enemy’s identity will shock her to her very core!

Really, from what this series has offered us, I do hope that it is the real Batgirl hounding Barbara and all of this could pull a St. Elsewhere and all of this Burnside nonsense could just be going on inside the mind of an autistic kid staring at a snowglobe.......... or just put a spin on this and make it that Barbara has been in a coma and this real Batgirl is a way that her subconscious has been trying to wake her up......... I just don't care for this and I'd take a dream sequence as a way to explain it.

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