Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 5: DC Comics' New June Books

This week we put the regular talk aside to concentrate on the crazy DC announcement of 24 new books in June.  Sure, we don't
have a lot of information, but that never stopped us before.  Eric is a little more positive about the announcement, but we both agree that it sounds a bit rushed and crazy.  Let us know what you think about the books, guys who wear headbands and anything else you want.

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Unknown said...

Most of the new comics are minis anyway...but I am looking forward to Starfire,midnighter and cyborg....I don't really care about martian manhunter title though

Unknown said...

Only bizarro and bat mite are minis

Unknown said...

I just checked~harley quinn\pg and section eight are limited too