Sunday, February 8, 2015

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 2/7/15

It's that time of week where I sit down, look at the covers of the week and pick a winner of the contest in my head.  Actually, it may all be happening inside a snow globe held by an autistic kid.  Maybe it's all the dream of a character from my last big sitcom and I'm about to wake up and see that Bobby isn't dead when he comes out of the shower and then gets arrested right after he shuts the lights off in his Boston bar.  I really have lost track of any point I was trying to make...or have I?  The World may never know. Oh yea, here's the covers...

Cover of the Week

Detective Comics #39 (Francis Manapul)

This cover is simple and so complex all rolled into one.  Francis Manapul doesn't know how to do anything less then great so it's no surprise that his covers keep popping up in this column.  Th crazy thing is, no matter how great his covers are, the art inside is always just as good if not better.  That my friends, is crazy whack funky.

Runners Up

Grayson #7 (Mikel Janin Harley Quinn Variant)

Everyone reading this should know how big of a Mikel Janin fan I am.  In fact, I was just telling Eric last night, "You know, Eric, I'm a big Mikel Janin Fan."  I do things like that all the time.  Check out this awesome Harley Quinn variant that reminds my of the game Outrun gone crazy on the side of a mountain with Harley Quinn.  My review of the issue is HERE.

Green Lantern #39 (Mike McKone and Dave McCraig)

The second Harley variant is here for one! McKone and McCraig crack me up with this one.  Just look at Hal struggling to keep the pace with Harley. Actually, if you told me that Hal had a mishap and a pole got shoved in an unfortunate place, I'd go with it.  Just after I laughed my ass off.  Eric's review of the issue is HERE.

Action Comics #39 (Aaron Kuder and Wil Quintana)

Ring around the bearded Superman, a pocket full of brain sucking Aliens.  Oh, this cover sure brings back memories.  Aaron Kuder's art is always great and this cover really stresses the horror inside and what's at stake for Superman.  My review for the issue is HERE.

Earth 2: World's End #18 (Guillem March and Tomeu Morey)

This cover shares the living shit out of me!  Thanks, Guillem.  I kid because I care.  Guillem March is one of the best cover artists...screw that, one of the best artists out there.  This cover shows the juxtaposition...the hell with that, it scares the living shit out of me!  Eric's review for the issue is HERE.

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