Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Flash season 1 episode 12 "The Nuclear Man" review


Well after weeks and weeks of being teased with the investigation one of our favorite flame based heroes, the STAR labs team will be trying to contain the storm...the I am bad with the jokes. The last we saw of our walking nuclear reactor, he ran from the STAR labs gang, confused about his own identity. We learned last week about what exactly happened. Boom! Revelation: theres actually two people in Ronnie! To those who don't know the character, Firestorm is usually made up of two people. One to be the physical body, which in this case is Ronnie Raymond. The other is the brain, in this case is Martin Stein, played by guest star Victor Garber. We now come to the explosive climax to the Firestorm rises arc. The question however remains: Was the build up the moment we heard the name Ronnie Raymond worth the climax? Answer: YES... but maybe there was a few hiccups along the way...LET'S FIND OUT WITH THIS EXPLOSIVE REVIEW!

The acting this week was for the most part good but there were definitely parts I was "meh" about. The main two that I was "meh" about was Linda Park and sadly Martin Stein himself. Maybe its because I don't have any particular background of the character(I've only known the Jason Rusch/Ronnie Raymond fusion of Firestorm), but Stein seems a little...boring on his own. That being said the "character's", which I use in quotes due to the fact it was Ronnie, interactions with his wife were extremely powerful to me. His wife, just like Caitlin with Ronnie, is the emotional anchor to him. The women of their life is their goal. Not to save the world like a superhero, but to become human again. Now while Martin had some redeeming qualities, linda did not. I mean its adorable, their dates and stuff, but there is no actual fleshing out of her character. We don't get an explanation behind her interest in Barry or why she took the whole thing way to fast in my opinion. 2 dates and she tries to "heat things up. Come on! It might have been a while since I read Linda Park in a comic but I don't remember her being that..."willing".

Other than the dating life of our hero, the main two storylines this week were very interesting to say the least. Joe and Cisco go by Barry's old home to reexamine for clues the police missed the first time around. Not only do they find what they need, but it also puts them at odds as Joe's rising suspicion of Wells. I liked this because they both are right to defend him, but also stand against him. We the viewers know that Wells is the Reverse Flash for a while now, but we can't forget the good he's done for central city. He brought the Flash, trained the best scientists in Cisco and Caitlin, and now he works to fix Ronnie before an explosive turn of events. Speaking of Ronnie, the main storyline this week was they team  not only trying to find Firestorm, but find a way to split the men. As I mentioned up in the character section, the women of the two halves of the nuclear man's life and his interaction with them drive this part. You want him to get fixed so both can be with their true loves. Unfortunately the presents a problem in the form of the two men inside one body can't coexist and will soon...well read the head of the article. This gives us a tense race against the clock...that ended so abruptly.

*I will be speaking about the end now so SPOILERS! if you want the final verdict its at the bottom*
The episode ends with the Flash rushing Caitlin to Firestorm with a device that should seperate them. They latch it on, the nuclear man goes boom, the episode ends with Flash and Caitlin running away from the explosion. This ending felt rushed then ended abruptly, as if they had scenes from the next episode meant to be in this one. They could have ended it showing if the experiment worked or not and it would have had the same impact.

This was a pretty good climax to the Firestorm arc. You see the problems of the all powerful nuclear man, not only on the physical level, but the emotional level as well. While Linda might have been misinterpreted, I did see some hope in Dr.Stein. The storyline with Cisco and Joe was intriguing as we can see both sides of the coin. Over all, I can't wait for next week's episode, and the reprecussions of messing with the Nuclear of General Wade Elling?! Not really, but he's back and i' excited!

That was my review for this week's Flash episode! What did you think of it? What did you think of this review? Leave a comment and i'll see you next time!

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