Friday, February 13, 2015

Top 5 Fridays Valentine's Day Edition: Best Couples In The New 52

Happy Valentine's Day!............ Tomorrow.  With this pseudo holiday coming at us this weekend, I figured I'd keep it simple and just go over who we at Weird Science believe to be the best couples in the New 52....... So yeah, if it's not going on in the New 52, it's not going on here.  Sorry all you Harley and Joker faithfuls.  Alright, let's turn the lights down, throw on some Marvin Gaye, give ourselves a ridiculously low voice because we believe it comes off sexy and let's get into this Valentine's Day Edition of Top 5 Fridays and see who the Best Couples In The New 52 are.

#5.  Superman and Wonder Woman

This makes the #5 spot on the list because it's so obvious.  Two of the biggest superheroes in the DCU and they're hooking up and man was it huge when it happened.  Talking to people now though, it's like this union isn't shit but I think that we're in the slowed down "used to it" faze, so while our excitement might have waned a bit, it doesn't take away from these two loving each other and it being awesome.  Right now Clark is dealing with a lot though with Wonder Woman's new career as the God of War but I think that these two will be able to work it out and remain together for a long time......... or until the writers want to set up some drama.  Either way, I love this pairing.

#4.  Alan Scott and Sam Zhou

I fought a lot with Jim over this pick because he thinks that Kate Kane and Maggie should be filling this spot due to Sam being dead and all, but I had to go behind his back and put this anyway because it's the fact that Sam died and became the Avatar of The White that makes this love so much more than what Kate Kane and Maggie have right now.  When Sam and Alan's train crashed and Sam was supposed to be dead and Alan became the Avatar of the Green, he used the ring that he was going to propose to Sam with to be the instrument he focused his power out of and even when Sam returned as the Avatar and came off cold and indifferent to their love, it didn't stop Alan from fighting for him and protecting him and I wouldn't be surprised if the two both come out of World's End alive that  we saw some reinvigorated Avatar love going on.  All in all, a love that defies death

#3.  Aquaman and Mera

Here we have one of the only couples in the New 52 that DC would allow to be married and with these two it makes perfect sense.  Even before the New 52, the love that these two shared was probably one of the deepest in DC Comics and with their Romeo and Juliet like story, it remains one of the best.  Even being betrothed to another man didn't stop Mera from being with Arthur and helping him find his way among her people's sworn enemies.  Not a lot to say about this one, they're one of the best couples in The New 52 and hopefully it will stay like that for a long long time.

#2.  Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris

This relationship for a lot of Green Lanterns fans came completely out of left field, but man was I digging it hardcore.  I love Kyle Rayner and since he's my favorite Green Lantern.......... or I guess White Lantern now, I loved the fact that he was able to woo Carol and make her forget all about "Peter Pan syndrome" Hal........ Okay, that last part I just said to piss off Jordan fans........ because I'm a jerk.  Anyway, I love these two together even though the Life Equation has created a wedge between them as of late...... due to Kyle accidentally turning Carol into his long dead girlfriend Alex, I hope for the best with these two and hope they can overcome their "You turned me into your old girlfriend" problems.  Really though, if you think about how pissed your girlfriend would be if you accidentally called her the wrong name, times that by a hundred and that's how bad Kyle has it right now.  I have complete faith that these two get over their problems and will go on exploring the universe together and for that they get the #2 spot.

#1.  Kid Flash and Solstice

I think that a lot of you might call foul here because these two made the top spot but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  Here we have two teenagers in love and even though we all know that teenagers don't know shit about love, you can't tell them that and instead of Solstice just going back in time with the rest of the Teen Titans, she murders a judge who had just sentenced Kid Flash to live out his days on a prison planet so that she could be with him........... That's some deep love shit right there.  I really miss these two in Teen Titans but it's good to think that somewhere in the 31st century that these two are still together and loving one another even though they'll have to live their lives on a dangerous prison planet........ Hell, if I was in this situation and my girlfriend was sentenced like Kid Flash was.......... Well, I'd tell her I'd take care of the cat and start moving on with my life........ none of the romantic things we saw in Teen Titans.  So for that act of devotion, Kid Flash and Solstice make the #1 spot on this list and I'll fight anyone who says differently.......... Well, I won't fight you but I'll remain quiet and think to myself about how wrong you are.

That's it for this installment of Top 5 Fridays and this Valentine's Day Edition of it.  Before it's mentioned I'd like to throw in Barry Allan and Patty Spivot as an honorable mention and I'd also add Kate and Maggie as well if they didn't seem to hate each other at the moment.  So instead of those two, throw your ideas my way and I hope that all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend and for all of you out there that don't have someone special, I'll leave you with these words of wisdom.  Never dismiss "I Want To Be Inside of You" as a pickup line.  They'll appreciate your honesty and your refusal to play games.  Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. I almost entirely agree with this list! though i think Aquaman and mera should be number 1(though i didnt read the new Teen Titans)

    1. Yeah I also think aquaman and mera should be on top and where is animal man and his wife?

    2. Animal Man's wife is a gold digger.............. I really got nothing here

  2. I wanted Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer and Barry Allen and Patty Spivot.

    Also Robert Venditti and Van Jensen

    1. Scott Snyder and Greg capullo
      Morrison and frank quietly
      Anna nocenti and Jim Werner...

    2. As much as he complains about her, I do have to say that he talks to me more about her than most anything else dealing with DC Comics, so you might be on to something.

    3. You both have just made my list!

    4. Sad part is, I can't help but think of Jim pulling a hey arnold helga scenario

      "GRRRR i hate that anna! so nonsensical! so insane! and yet*pulls out a locket of her picture* i love her" XD

      also jim thank you very much for letting me write for the site please dont ban me

    5. Now you went and made the list too, Jody! And I was just getting to like you.