Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bat-Mite #1 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Dan Jurgens
Art By: Corin Howell, Andres Ponce, Mike Atiyeh
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 3, 2015

The Might of Mite

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

The new DC You is underway and with it one of the first rounds of our out of continuity six issue minis and it looks like we're in for a treat............even though I'm usually a stickler for continuity, but what the hey, I'll go with it and dive into one of those funny books the kids are all talking about and read the adventure of Bat-Mite.  You know, that little imp from the 5th Dimension, who's Batman's biggest fan and makes our Dark Knight's life a living hell because of it.  Yeah, that Bat-Mite and here we'll explore what this little annoyance is doing in the DC You.......... Man, I hate that.  It's like when Sci-Fi became Syfy.......... Nonsense.  Anyway, let's check out Bat-Mite!

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Bat-Mite in chains in front of a tribunal, being sentenced for a crime of annoyance as far as I can tell.  Bat-Mite just gets into trouble and these fools want him out of their hair so they sentence him to exile..... after really contemplating slow death as an alternative and after he's exiled, they remark how he's someone else's problem now.  Why is it that we get all the 5th Dimension's trash, huh?  That's right, Bat-Mite winds up on Earth and right away we see him getting into trouble because he decided to borrow the Batmobile to chase down some scrub clad kidnappers, but his driving skills aren't exactly on par with Batman's as we see him drive that fine tuned automobile off a cliff.  OH BAT-MITE!  Luckily though, Batman was there to stop the kidnappers and rescue the woman they had in their trunk, but after the Dark Knight takes the girl and leaves in the Batwing, Bat-Mite is confronted by a nurse and of course he has to go Vaudeville and greet her with "Hello Nurse"............. Ha ha, OH BAT-MITE!  Well, of course we all have our suspicions about her since we just saw the bad guys dressed as doctors, but Bat-Mite is smitten and doesn't notice when the nurse pulls out a knock out spray, leaving our imp unconscious.

When Bat-Mite come too, he finds himself in a mysterious mansion, which we find out is owned by the renowned Dr. Trauma........ Yes, that Dr. Trauma.  Because Bat-Mite interfered and their victim got away, Agnes the nurse and Dr. Trauma figure they'll recoup their losses by trying to find someone who could use a midget body that flies.......... Oh, I didn't tell you?  That's right Dr. Trauma's game is to take customer's brains and place them into new bodies.  Bat-Mite doesn't quite get it at first, but after being knocked out again and falling into a trap door, he soon realizes how serious the situation is.

In the end, after exploring the Dr.'s surgical rooms, Bat-Mite comes across a chained up Hawkman, who now since Bat-Mite let the kidnapped woman get away, will become the new body for the aging Dr. Trauma.  Will Bat-Mite save the wing-ed wonder?  Will Dr. Trauma get a full body make-over?  I guess only time will tell and I can't wait to see how Bat-Mite makes Hawkman into a better hero.

That's it for Bat-Mite and even though the jokes were a little flat, I had a lot of fun with this title.  It might not have been the over the top laugh riot that I thought it would be, but we're only at the first issue and I have faith that Dan Jurgens and Bat-Mite won't let us down.  This is actually the six issue mini that I was looking forward to the most and to enhance your comic experience, I totally recommend reading this book out loud to someone........ like I did...... and maybe it's just me, but it resulted in a lot of laughter....... especially if you do Bat-Mite in a loony tunes-esk voice........ So yeah, this is now a weird review.  While I'm not a huge fan of a overly cartoony style in comic art, this really works because of the overly cartoony style of story........ Yeah, that one's pretty obvious, but I liked it and it's reminiscent of Babs Tarr's Batgirl and I'm accused of hating everything about that, but this just shows that this style has a place where it fits and works really well............. Just not in Batgirl.  So kudos in rocking this book Corin Howell.

Bits and Pieces:

Bat-Mite is here and while it wasn't the laugh riot I expected it to be, it was funny enough and made me want to continue the Bat-Mite experience.  The cartoony style of art really worked in telling this story and the promise of more hero cameos in the future gets me really excited about how Bat-Mite is going to make his mark in this world.  Definitely a book you should pick up for a nice break from the norm....... don't worry, you've earned it.


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  1. I am in total agreement with this review--really liked the conceit, but it wasn't as funny as I'd hoped it would be, and the whole second half of the book seemed to denigrate the original and great idea of Bat-Mite "fixing" the DC Universe.