Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bizarro #1 Review

Written by: Heath Corson
Art by: Gustavo Duarte, Bill Sienkiewicz and Pete Pantazis
Cover Price: $2,99
Release Date: June 3, 2015

Road to Canada

If you have been reading my reviews or listening to our podcast (lastest episode Here!!!), then you should know that I am a huge Bizarro fan.  However, I think I should clarify that a bit.  I am not a fan of Bizarro as a villain as much as a fan of the misunderstood, bighearted galoot that we get now and again and are getting here.  After reading the sneak peek for this book (read it now if you haven't), I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy this six issue mini.  Was I right on...or as Bizarro would say, "Wrong Off"?  Let's find out (and I promise no more Bizarro talk)...

If you like Bizarro as much as myself, you can just glance at the score below and go buy this book.  I try not to spoil things in my reviews, but I don't want to put a lid on my enthusiasm.  Now that I've said that, Bizarro isn't the best character in this book.  What? What??  No folks, the best character in this book is Jimmy Olsen.  In fact, marketing issues aside, I think he should have had his name and picture on the cover.  Heath Corson writes a good Bizarro, but he gives us an awesome Jimmy Olsen. Then he shows everyone he's a mad genius and puts them both together in a road trip story that already gives Bob Hope and Bing Crosby a run for their money.

The issue starts off right from the sneak peek (though Corson gets everyone up to speed just fine) and I had a smile on my face immediately.  Bizarro is great, but seeing Jimmy trying to be the responsible one is priceless.  We get big messes, Colin the chupacabra and a car wreck within a few pages and this all leads them to Smallville...yes, Smallville.

I love a good laugh, but Corson realizes that you can't just give page after page of jokes and sustain a six issue run.  So, we get a story involving alien possession, undercover agents and of course, Bizarro and Jimmy trying to get to Canada.  It already reminds me of a crazy combination of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, X-Files, Mars Attacks and Rain Man!  The best is, the story is so open ended right now that it will probably remind everyone of something different.  In the end, it's just pure fun.

Heath Corson does a great job of setting up the story, the characters, but most importantly, their relationship.  We are one issue in and I already get the feeling that Bizarro and Jimmy are fast friends that will do anything for one another.  That's good, because the issue ends with Jimmy (and his wallet) in danger and Bizarro heading to the rescue.

As much as I loved the writing in this issue, the art just might top it..  It is so good and I give kudos to the entire art team.  The cartoon style fits the story so well and the color work is great.  The standout panel for me was the full page of Bizarro dreaming.  It looked great, but also showed Bizarro's true (good) nature.

Bits and Pieces:

While I'm a sucker for Bizarro, this book showed me that what we needed all along was a Jimmy Olsen book.  Heath Corson uses him as the straight man and just lets the hilarity ensue.  The story and art are both so good and I recommend anyone who is looking to smile, check this out.  If this is the type of book that the new DC You promises, I'm all in.


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