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Fanboy Theories: The Strongest Hero In The New 52 Continuity

The Ultimate Hero

The New 52 has officially ended with the conclusion of the Convergence Event. During the 4 years we've had this continuity, we have gone through many different story lines that have essentially changed the status quo of the heroes and villains of the DC Universe.  Story lines of the Bat Family traveling to Apokolips to save Damian, Superman becoming a Doomsday/Superman hybrid, Wonder Woman becoming the God of War, Lanterns fighting the New Gods themselves, etc.  This has effectively either given rise to certain powers of superheroes, but also weakening others. After reading the first preview of the Superman: Truth story line for the new DC YOU line, it made me think, "Who was the strongest hero in the New 52 years?"  I thought on it, and looked back at different issues and collected editions. I looked I've come to the conclusion that the Strongest Hero of the New 52 is...


I'm sorry, were you expecting Superman? As powerful as Superman was made thanks to the events of Doomed and The Men of Tomorrow, I believe that Alan Scott might have become the most powerful hero in the New 52 Multiverse, thanks to the events of his life on Earth 2.
To those who haven't read Earth 2, Alan Scott has a power set similar to two heroes on Earth Prime. Like Hal Jordan and the other members of the Green Lantern Corps, he can channel a Green Energy from a ring, to become anything he can imagine. However, instead of the emotional spectrum, he draws his powers from The Green, which is the energy that connects all of the Earth's plant life.  Remember this fact, as it will play a crucial part later. Up until World's End, he was actually LIMITED by his own power source. If he gets too far away from his Earth, the power just shuts off.  Though this doesn't make him an intergalactic super cop like the GLs of Earth-Prime, it gives him a never ending supply of energy. 

The second hero he has the power set of is actually the Man of Steel himself. While he may not be altered by the gravity of Earth, he has been granted god-like strength, speed, and flight. The strength is easily shown in the two pictures to the left and above this paragraph. In the beginning, he showed his strength by lifting entire train cars to save civilians; it was a simple way to show his growing strength. We then see him go toe to toe with a lesser GOD, who he could have beaten, if not for a meddling Brutaal. However near the end of The Kryptonian arc, we see him step up to the plate and really show how strong he was. He is able to hold the Earth from being sucked into a giant Boom Tube. Boom Tubes are hard to escape when they begin drawing in nearby objects; they are like Black Holes but more powerful...So imagine one the size of Earth. The force to suck in an entire planet into another dimension is mind boggling, but its even more mind boggling to see Alan hold the friggin' thing!

So these events I've listed happened BEFORE World's End, where he had received two TITANIC power boosts. The first one was when he combined with the other Avatars of the Elements. This would allow him to harness the energy of ALL life on Earth, along with being able to draw it from ANY planet. This leads to what I believe might be one of the most powerful attacks in the New 52. Thanks to the weakened barriers due to the Apokolips invasion. This allows Alan to draw all life energy...from every Earth in the Multiverse. Prime, Earth Three, Charlton Four, Fawcett Five, EVERY LIFE ON EVERY EARTH POWERING THIS HERO. When he finished drawing it all, Alan used that energy to uppercut Darkseid clean across the country, knocking him out for a short time....Alan took on the Dark God mono y mono, where Superman was simply the guy who pushed him into a boom tube while he was being attacked. I'm not downplaying the Justice League, but give credit where credit is due. 

We don't know if Alan will retain this Amazing Multiversal Power when Society starts, but at least we can look back, and watch the Strongest Hero of the New 52 live on.

THAT'S IT FOR THIS WEEK'S THEORY! Do you think Alan Scott is the strongest hero? If not, who is? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!

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