Thursday, June 4, 2015

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Trailer

About a year ago, DC announced that there would be a newer, darker Justice League animated series would be premiering on Machinima. This would later be revealed as being a build up to the next DC Animated Movie; Justice League: Gods and Monsters. This miniseries, along with comics coming in July, will help build the setting to this new world that spawned from the creative mind of Bruce Timm.A few hours ago, Machinima has released the trailer for the series, showing us glimpses of the action and characters to come. ENOUGH RAMBLING, lets check it out!

So there are a few things I like about this trailer. The first being the fact it sets up the world without revealing any MAJOR plot points. We see plenty of trailers that reveal too much information (Terminator Genisys), but this provides an appropriate balance of revealing just enough to wet the appetite. We know Brainiac is attacking, but no idea for what reason; We know Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are going to team up, but no idea against who. We'll be going into this series almost entirely blind, giving us a new justice league unlike any we've seen before.

Another thing I liked, which springs off the first, is this setting the world is in. This isn't your daddy's Superman, he's not focused on saving the people first, he's here to fix the problem! With heroes like that, the vampiric Batman, and the uber violent Wonder Woman, we need a government who says they are menaces and need to be taken who does that sound like? A person in a government position who doesn't trust the Justice League? One might consider the person a WALL to the League and America...Amanda President of the United States. Add her to advisors Hugo Strange, and war Dr.Magnus, were treated to a whole new world.

This world is becoming more and more interesting as we approach, and I cannot wait to start watching this foray into a new world! What do you fellow Weird Scientists think? Do you think this Elseworld's tale is going to be a new epic take on the League? Leave a comment and I'll see you soon!

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