Friday, June 5, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: Best Convergence Tie Ins

After a long two months, Convergence is over and we finally get back on track to the regular and new comics. The event itself was kind of 'meh', especially with the tie ins. A good chunk of them had all the potential in the world, but kind of fell flat due to the time constraints of two issues. That being said, on today's Top 5 Fridays, I'm going over what I think were the best tie ins to the event. Keep in mind, this is my opinion, so if you saw one you didn't like, don't yell at me in the comments. ENOUGH RAMBLING LETS BEGIN!

5: Superman

Why has this concept taken over 70 years to come to fruition in the main universe? Lois Lane and Superman have been, and probably always will be, the most memorable couple in comic history. They've been off, on, even gotten why did it take so long for someone to let them finally have that baby boy they dreamed about! The normal explanation I have read was that human and kryptonian biology is too different....strange as they both look practically the same. Ranting aside, I liked this book a lot as it effectively finished the tale one of the most famous couples in fiction itself. We all have read the stories of Superman saving Lois at the last second, while some of us actually read that the two get married. With the birth of their child, they could finally have the life they always wanted, especially with the Flashpoint Heroes allowing them to go free. It was a neat comparison seeing the Lighter Superman agreeing with the Darker Knight that the fight should be put aside for the sake of new life. It was a nice way to end the story that started over 70 years ago, especially since we have Superman/Wonder Woman now. Have a nice family life Clark, you have most certainly earned it.

4: Batman and the Outsiders

This is a team I haven't seen in a very long time, and boy was I happy to see them. I liked the concept that the New 52 left us for the Outsiders, but it was nice to see this team again. This issue was a fun and epic chapter in the Convergence tie ins, but also had stuff to hit you in the heart. Whether it be the frustration of Batman trying to figure out how to get out from under the dome to Katana visiting the comatose Halo, we see the struggles of people under the dome better in this comic other than most. However just to add on the emotions is one character I almost completely forgot about; Metamorpho. It was fantastic to see him happy with the love of his life, and depressing when it was torn away for the battles. Speaking of the battles, this one was actually a nice way to show off not only the team's powers, but how tough OMAC is. He is in the New 52, but he is usually accompanied by duplicates or a team, so he doesn't need to let loose. In the end this tie in is the perfect issue to explain what is REALLY at stake in the battle.

3: Justice League of America

Does anyone remember the Batman: Brave and the Bold animated series? It did a fantastic job showing off C-list heroes as being able to step up to the big league with the Dark Knight. I feel that this tie in does something extremely similar. Aside from Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and Zatanna, I doubt any new reader would have known who Elongated Man, Commander Steel, and Gypsy were. When the battle is about to go down, we see the C-listers step up to the plate, and despite getting their asses handed to them, they come back swinging, showing off each of their abilities. Speaking of the battle, this tie in showed me an adversary that ACTUALLY HAD ME WANT TO LEARN ABOUT THEM! This gave us a quick peak at a strange, yet interesting version of the Secret Six. I won't lie in saying the team made me want to look up more information on the Tangent Universe. This issue had the spotlight set on two things; On a universe that nobody knew about, and C-Listers nobody cared about. Perhaps with people reading this tie in, they might become interested to learn again.

2:  Justice Society of America

Here's a fun fact to all those young and new to comics: These guys were the first superhero team. In a world dominated by the Avengers and Justice League, its strange to think neither of them were the first. While Superman and Batman came before them, when I think classic I think these guys. I like this tie in, mainly because of the fact it is their last stand. These heroes have been fighting the fight since World War II, and when the dome went down, age finally caught up with them...but as the old saying goes... Once more into the breach, dear friend. We see them do what they always have done; Kicking Ass and saving the day. Like Batman and his Outsiders, their battle with the Qward Death Machine shows that no one man stood out from the rest (Something I actually noted in a lot of the Earth 2 stories), but they work together as a team. Actually more than a team...a family, which is what the late 2000's run said they were in comparison to the league. In the end, they just show that they maybe old and their golden age might have ended... But these heroes are the originals, and will forever save the day.

1: World's Finest

Some of you might be shocked with my number 1, especially with all the big titles that followed behind it. The reason why I love this one so much is because of one character...Scribbly Jibbet. He is a man, a man in a world where he looks to heroes to be his inspiration. He got in the way of trouble, but still kept following his heroes' exploits. He was inspired by them to become not only a cartoonist, but a writer on their exploits....
Sound Familiar? It should. My name is Jody Cardona...I write my opinions on the superheroes I grew up reading and watching for the Weird Science DC Blog. Eric and Jim could say the same, as well as many other reviewers and readers of comics. Scribbly Jibbet is a man...a man like us...a man who has devoted a part of his life to the heroes that he grew up with.
Despite Sir Justin being the one who fought the Thunderer of Qward, it was because of Scribbly's interference that the battle was won for the good knight. Scribbly climbed up a floating island, fought the Thunderer, and in the end, despite knowing they would die, walked alongside the heroes he was inspired by, ready to defend his city. Scribbly went on to be something more; A Hero. Being a hero is something we have all wished to be at one point or another, and we see a fictional version of one of our own step into the role he was destined to be. He didn't live in the Age of Heroes. He was a PART of the Age of Heroes. Despite having the silly name, I can guess we ALL want to be what Scribbly Jibbet became...Heroic.

THAT'S IT FOR THIS WEEK'S TOP 5! What was your favorite Convergence tie in? Leave a comment and I'll see you all next time!


  1. I'm turning Scribbly Jibbet into an insult........ Lousy Scribbly Jibbet

    1. The following list was the opinion of Jody and in no way expresses the opinions

      My top 5:

      5. Harley Quinn
      4. Nightwing/Oracle
      3. Swamp Thing
      2. The Question