Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Weird Thoughts: Week Four of DC Comics June Sneak Peeks

Convergence is over and it's now time to get back to what is now the DC You.  Or is it the DC Ewe?  I'm not sure, but I can't wait to jump headfirst into it and a big part of that is because of these sneak peeks.  I'd say these previews have been an emotional roller coaster of awesomeness, but I don't say things like that.  Instead, I will quote Dr. Emmett L. Brown and say, "Who do you think?  The Libyans!"  Right you are, Doc...right you are.  On with our thoughts on the Week Four Sneak Peeks...


Written by: Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher
Art by: Babs Tarr

As she struggles to evacuate hostages from a video game–inspired death trap, Barbara Gordon shows how her mind is superior to any software! 

Jim's Take:

Hmmm...I am taking over this book and I am going to go into it with an open mind.  That being said, I didn't like this preview one bit.  Besides being a comic book fan, I am an avid video game player and this story rubbed me the wrong way.  I do love Babs Tarr's art and I hope that Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher prove me wrong and make me fall in love with this Batgirl.  This sneak peek didn't surprise me at all, it looks like the same Batgirl we've been getting and that scares me.

Eric's Take:

I'm so glad that Jim is taking over this book because someone can only spout off so much hate until they find it unbearable themselves........ Well, I guess I haven't gotten there yet because man did I hate this sneak peek.  It looks like we get more nonsense this summer as Batgirl of Burnside continues fighting wanna-be techie villains, who can't even incorporate the Konami code in their gaming deathtrap to get me even the slightest bit interested.  At least I can tell people that I knew Batgirl when....... 

Black Canary

Written: Brenden Fletcher
Art by: Annie Wu

Dinah's made enemies from the second she stepped onto the scene as frontwoman of Black Canary—and now she's got to fight her way past an enormous Black Metal adversary to get to the next show! 

Jim's Take:

Okay, it's no surprise that this Batgirl spinoff has a ...well, a Batgirl vibe to it.  So, why did I love this sneak peak so much?!?!  Maybe it's Annie Wu's art or just the whole Rock Band story, but I can't wait to read and review this.  If you listen to our podcast you may be shocked, but I am in,  Bring it on.

Eric's Take:

Lousy Black Canary continuing my Negative Nancy streak........ unlike Jim, I couldn't stand this take on Dinah and am a little pissed that DC would allow yet another strong female character be downgraded to fighting lesser foes while being obsessed with the limelight.  These new takes on the characters will someday be known as the Selfie Age of comics and I want no parts of it.

Constantine: The Hellblazer 

Written by: James Tynion and Ming Doyle
Art by: Riley Rossmo

A standalone story of John being a jerk con artist, manipulating events in his favor regardless of what the price is. The price here is selling out a twenty-something fashion designer to die at the hands of flesh-eating demons.

Jim's Take:

I am not a huge Constantine fan and this preview had me a bit confused.  I like Riley Rossimo's art, just not on this book.  Why rebrand this book as "The Hellblazer" and have this art style?  I did like the story enough and Constantine is a jerk like he's supposed to be.  I wasn't excited for this book before the sneak peek and I'm still not excited.  Also, I wish Constantine would have said "arse" early on.

Eric's Take:

The tone of this sneak peek is spot on asshole Constantine and I loved it, but the art really threw me off.  Hopefully I can get past the art in the future because I'm really digging Tynion and Doyle's writing here and hope that it remains this strong.


Written by: David F. Walker
Art by: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado

The ultimate tech hero thought he knew everything about his unique cybernetic body. He was wrong… 

Jim's Take:

Holy crap, this one took me by surprise.  I don't know what is going on, but David F. Walker has my attention.  I hope we get some more Shazam/Cyborg action in the upcoming monthly because I love those two together and the art in this preview was really, really good.  The only thing that bothered me about this one was why were Critters attacking the Justice League in the first place?

Eric's Take:

I've been wanting a Cyborg book since the New 52 began and this preview just makes me wish we would have gotten it sooner.  Yeah, I'm more of a fan of the way Cyborg looked before his Forever Evil overhaul, but I'll go with this sleeker look........ I just hope that it remains as is and doesn't become the New Teen Titans look.  So yeah, obviously everything here looked great and I'm totally interested in seeing what's going down with Vic.

Earth 2: Society

Written by: Daniel Wilson
Art by: Jorge Jimenez

The heroes of this new Earth battle over a mysterious device that could remake their old world or destroy the new one!

Jim's Take:

Of all the books coming out in June, this is the one I was most curious about.  Convergence's ending sure didn't spoil anything because this one took me by surprise.  I expected a hands across Earth 2 book where everyone gathered for the good of the Society, but Daniel Wilson upped the action and tension.  However, I thought that Telos sent the planet back to it's own universe...what's with this binary star stuff?  I thought Jorge Jimenez's art was great and I already love Doctor Impossible.

Eric's Take

I love the Earth 2 characters........... I loved the New 52 Earth 2 book......... but after World's End I think that love has to be earned back and even though we're getting our characters back to some sort of normal status quo, I think the lasting effects of World's End are going to be lingering too much for me to enjoy this book as much as I'd like.  Hopefully I'm wrong about as I am about most things in life and I can get back on the Earth 2 trolley, but as of right now, I'm just not looking forward to it.

Harley Quinn

Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner
Art by: Chad Hardin and Alex Sinclair

Here’s HARLEY! With the Quinn family expanding, what new tricks will they have up their sleeves? Only one way to find out!

Jim's Take:

I've mentioned a bunch of these sneak peeks surprised me, but this isn't one of them.  It's pure Harley goodness and I can't wait for the Gang of Harleys story.  I know this book doesn't need any help, but I hope that people who haven't been reading it like what they see and join in on the fun.  It's one of my favorite books and this issue has the puns, naughty humor and fourth wall breaking fun that makes it a hilarious read two times a month.

Eric's Take:

Harley being Harley and it's just where we expected her to be.  Nothing really to say about this one.  If you liked Harley before Convergence, you'll like it now and most likely be drooling over getting back to your regularly scheduled Harley story.

Justice League United

Written by: Jeff Parker
Art by: Travel Foreman

With the Convergence concluded, Alanna Strange, Star Girl and Equinox assemble brand new and wildly untraditional teams of heroes and villains to work together and stop another cosmic catastrophe before it happens. The stakes have never been higher, the adventure has never been bigger, and the team-ups have never been crazier than they are in the new JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED.

Jim's Take:

This preview may be the most basic, but it's my favorite by far.  Eric gave this book to me to review come June and after reading this, I thank him with all my heart.  This seems to be the book that will deal with cleaning up the residual mess of the Convergence Event with the best list of characters ever! Seriously...Best. Characters. Ever!  Jeff Parker was a great choice as the writer of this book and Travel Foreman's art in this sneak peak looks incredible.  Can you tell how excited I am?

Eric's Take:

Holy shit, do I need to know more about this book.  Look at the balls on Jeff Parker for taking on this kind of tale.  Hopefully this story, with these characters will be the final remnants of Convergence and our heroes can band together to wipe all the inconsistencies of that event from of our minds............ Or better yet, take the events of Convergence and use them to save us from the new DC You......... yeah, that's a bit harsh, but I need continuity damn it!  Bring on the new JLU!


Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Brad Walker

A traitor lurks within the Sinestro Corps, and it's one of Sinestro's closest confidantes! But treachery is only part of a day's work for the leader of the fear Lanterns, along with saving the last of his race and instilling peace in a universe gone lawless. But what other clandestine objective is Sinestro looking to fulfill? 

Jim's Take:

Yea, not too many surprises here.  If you were on board with Sinestro before (which I was), you still will be.  If you were not a fan up until now, well...  This preview looks fantastic and Sinestro is certainly a badass, but I liked getting the Sinestro Corps lineup rundown the best.  With Hal Jordan on the run and the Corps "lost", I'm still looking forward to this one going forward.

Eric's Take:

While Sinestro is keeping on keeping on, what this sneak peek really makes me want to see is the fate of the Green Lantern Corps.  Like Harley, we've got business as usual with Sinestro and his Corps, but between what's going down with Hal in Green Lantern and what's going on in Green Lantern: Lost Army, we better get some goddamn explanations about what's going down.  Really, you can't go wrong with Sinestro and this sneak peek just affirms that.

Superman/Wonder Woman 

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Paulo Siqueira and Hi-Fi

A de-powered and injured Man of Steel looks to re-energize himself by plunging into the sun. Wonder Woman is there to stop him.

Jim's Take:

These sneak peeks have really been dominated by "The Truth" and while I've seen some people complain that they don't want another crossover like Doomed, this already feels bigger...and better.  Of all of The Truth previews, this is the most screwed up and exciting.  I want to know what the hell is going on and the ending has to be a ruse, right?  Please tell me that Supes is just joking.

Eric's Take:

More shit going down with "The Truth" and as much as I hate crossover story lines, there hasn't been a sneak peek of this story that has let me down.  I need to see more of this strange ass Superman and how his relationship is going to be affected........... Plus that cliffhanger really grabs you by the boo boo.

The Flash

Written by: Van Jensen
Art by: Brett Booth

Barry Allen is being hunted by Professor Zoom and his new team of villains.

Jim's Take:

The Flash is one of my favorite heroes and I have really enjoyed Robert Venditti and Van Jensen's current run.  Those of you who read our blog will know that one of the main reasons, however, is Brett Booth's art.  I'm a fanboy and this sneak peek will show everybody why.  This preview feels a bit off at first because of how basic it is.  Everybody knows who the Flash is, right?  Then you realize that class is in for Professor Zoom and his evil pupils and I cannot wait for this book.

Eric's Take:

Who doesn't love the Flash?  Am I right?  Just one of the greatest superheroes out there, but besides for the inclusion of Professor Zoom and debuting our heroes new costume, there isn't much to this sneak peek.......... and even with that, I wasn't really fond of the new costume.  It doesn't really matter though because the Flash will just keep on being the Flash and we'll love it.

We Are...Robin

Written by: Lee Bermejo
Art by: Jorge Corona

A new team of teens coordinate to take down a weapons shipment at the docks and spread the word that there's a new "Robin" in town.

Jim's Take: 

I don't get it.  Who is this book for?  I get that DC thinks that the kids love their texting so putting it in the books will grab their attention, but I think this is grabbing for fools gold.  When I was a kid (a long time ago), I gravitated to media that went above and beyond what was happening to me.  I wanted to read/listen/watch things that spoke to me, but I really wanted an escape.  Luke Skywalker was a restless kid who wanted more in life, but he was also a future Jedi who got to fly in space ships and use a lightsaber.  I guess I'm saying that I wanted to become Luke (or Robin), I didn't want him to become me.  This book feels like the later and I don't like it.

Eric's Take:

Did the whole damn world go and become insane during 2015?  Here we get more kids texting and putting themselves in danger when they're obviously well over their heads and this has got to be the biggest disappointment from these sneak peeks.  I love Robin........ all the Robins, but this is just a bunch of wanna-bes, who hopefully get their asses kicked by Damian or another past Robin for acting like fools.  


  1. You know, I liked some of these previews more than others, but none of them really annoyed me. Even ones like We Are Robin interest me, though I may just check the first trade.

    1. We are Robin annoyed me, but other than that, this round of previews was okay. Eric is angry that I liked Black Canary!