Tuesday, October 27, 2015

All-Star Section Eight #4 Review

Here Comes the...Bride?

Written by: Garth Ennis
Art by: John McRea, John Kalisz and Pat Brosseau
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 9, 2015

Saying that this book is an acquired taste is like saying that setting your genitals on fire might hurt a bit.  Believe me, it hurts a whole lot and this book is not for everyone.  However, if you enjoy inappropriate, non PC, overly sexual jokes, then you are as sick as me...and you'll love this book.  This issue stars Wonder Woman, has a disgusting wedding and has more vomit and urine than you can shake a stick at.  Sounds awesome , right?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Sixpack and the gang in the middle of a little Wonder Woman recruiting ceremony.  We saw the same thing when Hal Jordan appeared a few issues ago, so I'm glad that Garth Ennis skips the boring bits and gets to the good stuff.  By that, I mean Wonder Woman yelling at the gang all dressed up as the worst excuse for an Amazonian army I've ever seen.  Hey, I've seen some really bad Wonder Woman cosplay (Eric may be one of those!), but this takes the cake.   Disgusted, She leaves Noonan's and is accidentally (?) hit in the face with a huge hammer by Baytor.  So, was Wonder Woman pissed off?  Nope...she pretty much entered La-La land and became part of the Section Eight team.  The End.  Well, not quite.

A big part of the fun reading this book is seeing how over-the-top Garth Ennis will go to upset the powers that be.  Just having Wonder Woman deal with this seedy is bad enough, but once she gets hit, she is all in.  Sixpack finally has his eighth.

The story continues with Wonder Woman rubbing elbows with the team and the team showing the reader they are the pieces of shit we already knew they were...especially The Grapplah.  I have to admit, at this point in the story I was pretty bored.  We've seen all this in every issue of this book...the heroes change, but the awfulness (in a fun way) stays the same.  Bueno to the rescue.  Bueno Excellente may well be my favorite hero in all of the DCU.  I know, I'm using the term "hero" very loosely, but in this book the bar was not set very high.

I also think that Bueno and Guts is a love story for the ages, so when Diana demands a wedding for them, I agreed and laughed my ass off.  Suddenly, Noonan's was turned into a wedding chapel with everyone dressed somewhat appropriately and Baytor performing the ceremony.  Yep, Baytor opens up here and it's pretty funny.

It gets better when Bueno gets to kiss the bride and while we don't see it, the vomit from most of the observers paints it's own disgusting picture.  The rest of the issue is actually pretty tame compared to the wedding...we find out that everyone hates Grapplah (He is awful) and Sixpack gets cold feet about having Wonder Woman part of the team in her mental state.  Baytor must agree and hits her in the face again (that is a huge hammer).

With her senses back, Diana tells Sixpack none of this happened and leaves.  The best part, however, is when she calls Sixpack "Sidney" while leaving.  The problem is, only Sixpack hears it and we are left wondering if it actually happened at all.

I liked this issue and I still like this series, but this issue wasn't great.  Sure, it had it's moments and the wedding was laugh out loud funny, but with a couple of issues left, the book is heading into been there, done that territory.  I am interested in seeing what the hell is really going on in this book, but  I hope that Garth Ennis makes things feel fresh as we find out.

One thing that has been consistently great is John McRea's art.  It's gritty, disgusting and an awesome fit for this story.  If there are awards for vomit and pants pissing scenes, McRea must have a wall full of trophies.  I love the look of this book!

Bits and Pieces:

I have enjoyed this book since it's debut and having Wonder Woman show up should have been a slam dunk.  Unfortunately, it wasn't.  There are some hilarious scenes, but overall it felt like deja vue at best and a missed opportunity at worst.  While I love John McRea's art, I hope Garth Ennis gets things back on track for the last two issues because when this book is on, it is a hell of a good time.



  1. Does this mean issue #5 review is coming soon too, or will it be another month... zing!

  2. Thanks for the review though Mr. Werner. You made one person happy today.

  3. I heard Jim read the most recent issue and then took off for New Mexico where he could commune with nature and expand his mind

  4. Ha ha ha I need some peyote to understand what I just read in the latest issue!