Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Doctor Fate #5 Review and *SPOILERS*

Not Def, But Dumb and Blind...... and Yes, I Mean That Def.

Written By: Paul Levitz
Art By: Sonny Liew, Lee Loughridge, Steve Wands
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 21, 2015

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

How is it that Doomed is getting cancelled and this gets to keep going?....... Oh, that's right.....sales.  Well, it's not out selling Doomed by much, I'll tell you that.  I don't know why I'm trying to compare this to Doomed, all I'm saying is that I'm shocked that this series gets to continue with all it's sucking.  I obviously haven't been a fan of Khalid Nassour's debut as Doctor Fate and I can't say that this issue will sway my opinion either.  Over and over we keep seeing Khalid not believing what's happening to him as the world comes to an end, due to Anubis' flooding and when we finally do see some believing going on, he's just straight up terrible at being a hero.  Let's continue this suck fest as we see how Khalid lets us down this issue.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins in a strange fashion.  Remember when Khalid's cat, who was possessed by the deity Bastet said her farewells and good lucks to Kahlid before floating away to deity land?  Well, I guess none of that mattered or the writer realized that he needed another way to get exposition across other than Nabu's Psychedelic Circus because Bastet is back........ in another black cat because I guess having Khalid's cat back as her host would just be silly......... So identical black cat Bastet tells Khalid pretty much everything that she told us before she died the first time and then dies again saying she hopes to gain enough strength to be reincarnated again......... What the shit?  Anyway, with that nonsense aside, we get to my favorite part of the book and that's Khalid all helmeted up and finally acting like a hero when he spots some looters doing their looting thing.  Yeah, it didn't work out for him immediately, as we saw from his flying away once the looters started shooting at him, but Khalid gave it the old college try and actually overcame the bad guys.  Yeah, it's not much but it's a start and I'm happy to see any kind of superheroics from this book right now.

Eventually, we find our hero realizing that his father is in danger from Anubis and Khalid does us proud again by getting all Fated up and going in for the rescue........ only problem is, he screws it up again, just like he did when he let that plane full of people die a couple issues ago and what makes it worse is he actually references how he doesn't want to screw up again like that plane incident.  The screw up isn't right up in your face like it wants to fight or anything, but when Khalid saves his father from his hospital room....... that happens to be in a hall that is separating the nurses from the rest of the patients on that floor by an out of control fire.......

Khalid I guess, just lets them burn and then congratulates himself on protecting people on the ground from falling glass after an explosion........ that in my opinion was from that floor full of people.  Yeah, I'm reaching a bit here, but why mention all those people if there wasn't going to be saving involved?  Well, Khalid's father is safe and I guess that's all that matters, but before our hero and his father go and have that catch that Khalid has always dreamed of, Anubis is pretty pissed that he's been constantly disrespected by this hoodie wearing little shit and the fight is on........... kinda.

In the end, after Anubis mentally/magically throws a truck at our hero, he tells us that he can't hurt Khalid while he's in possession of the helmet....... even though we just saw that isn't the case, but fuck it, we've gone on with this issue this long, what's a few more pages?  So after growing to a gigantic size for what seems like no reason, Anubis decides to make a trade instead.  In exchange for the Helm of Thoth, Anubis is willing to give Khalid's father his eye sight back and even though we just had that special moment with Khalid at the beginning of the book where it appeared that he was going to start being a hero, the mother fucker gives up the helmet and Anubis strikes Khalid blind immediately.  That's what you get for letting me down fucko.

That's it for this issue of Doctor Fate and while I'm either beginning not to mind the art style in this book or I'm simply just getting used to it, I didn't dislike it as much as I have in previous issues, but with that being said, I don't think that I'll ever become a fan of it in the long run........... and with that said, it may just be the best part of the book.  Yeah, it may sound like I don't know what I'm talking about, but it's hard to know what is exactly the best part of something that you really don't like.  The story and character development is awful and every time that I think Khalid will stop being a whiny bastard and start acting like a hero, he just reverts back to his former self and disappoints the hell out of me all over again.  At least we have the story seeming like it will move into new territory with the next issue since we saw Doctor Fate struck blind and maybe that's what we need because every damn issue up to this and pretty much most of this issue have been what seems like the same exact story.  This series just continues to disappoint over and over again and I personally can't see how anyone can enjoy this book.

Bits and Pieces:

If you've read Doctor Fate up to this point, well you're pretty much caught up with the exception of the cliffhanger where something new finally happens....... you know, besides for the whining, disbelief and anti-heroics that we've seen in every issue.  Nothing that we've gotten so far attracts me to this book and I have no idea how this character can ever become interesting.


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