Friday, October 30, 2015

Prez #5 Review

World Apology Tour

Written by: Mark Russell
Art by: Ben Caldwell and Jeremy Lawson
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 28, 2015

*Spoilers below, Score and summary at the bottom*

Prez is in its penultimate issue. While it has been entertaining to this point, no real story has been presented, only story elements. The world building for our future has been entertaining and scary, but this issue finally establishes a story line we could look forward too, but is it too little too late since this is ending next month? Are we getting a second arc?

Beth Ross finally gives us a story we could look forward too, she is travelling to other countries to apologize for everything the United States did in the past. Beth deemed it the "World Apology Tour" when she shut down the sentry program in the previous issue a lot of countries were angry at her so she now has a target on her head. The tour goes well for the most part; Vietnam, Nicaragua, and Japan all accepted her apology while Iraq said "Fuck you" The panels were entertaining, then shit hits the fan for Beth when insurgents take down her plane. This plot has been light on satire, which is what this book strives to do and focused more on story which actually worked really well for this issue.

There is a side plot with the CEO of Pharmeduke not testing the cure for cat-flu. Another side plot that just started was with the War Beast. The War Beast plot looks really entertaining, but there is no way it is going to wrap up next issue. I don't see how War Beast and Beth will cross paths next issue. The War Beast now wants to be called Tina and that is really funny and enjoyable for me. They finally started establishing a story, but it is unfortunate because this series is ending next issue and I don't see how any of these can wrap up next issue.

This book has always been consistent with the same artist (I think they had a filler one issue) this artist has always been amazing with a balance of satire and cartoony style. Colors are always bright and colorful which contrasts the writing.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue finally picks up on storyline, light on satire and establishing where Beth is going forward. This issue is excellent, but it is upsetting that I am not sure how any of this will wrap up next issue, I really doubt we will get that second arc. I loved Beth's World Apology Tour, Tina looked to be very promising. This is a great issue, but knowing this is ending brought me down.



  1. Don't worry. The series isn't over just yet. I asked the creators on Twitter and they confirmed Prez is taking a bit of a break next issue and is coming back with the remaining 6 issues of this series later (sounds like they broke the series up into two mini-arcs instead of one big one to combat sales drop). Don't worry, there's still plenty of more fun with this book in the future

    1. Ive heard this claim elsewhere but there is no solicit for it even in January. When is it supposed to return exactly?

    2. He did say it...the word is it will take a hiatus and return for the next 6 issues "at a latter date", but it will really shock me if it happen. This is one of the worst selling monthly books DC has had since the beginning of the New 52. In September it sold 8,932 which is horrendous and I expect this issue to do even worse. But I've been wrong many times before.

  2. It's election year in 2016, perfect time to bring it back! Wow I'm old for getting excited about that.