Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 42: Asteroids, Nightmares and Comic Books

While some may say that Jim and Eric have been a little depressed when it comes to the books lately, they say "Nein" or maybe "Ten", I'm not sure.  They let loose for a goofy comic book podcast that is all about impressions, jokes and yes, comic book reviews and comic book news.  Eric is still a witch priest and Jim wants him to marry an asteroid and a nightmare.  Enjoy!

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DC Comic Book Reviews: Batman and Robin Eternal #3, Titans Hunt #1, Justice League #45, Superman/Wonder Woman #22, Wonder Woman #45, Martian Manhunter #5, Back to the Future #1, Gotham Academy #11, Secret Six #7, Bizarro #5, Batman: Arkham Knight #36, Black Canary #5, Teen Titans #12, Green Lantern: Lost Army #5, Doomed #5, Doctor Fate #5

Comic Book News: Krypton is a prequel, Ben Affleck wants to direct Batman, Jeb Bush thinks Supergirl is hot, Conner Hawk in DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Professor DC: KGBeast

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