Sunday, October 25, 2015

DC Comics Estimated Sales For September 2015

It's time to go Checking The Numbers again........... in case you don't know, that's what I call this little article, but that's just for me.  Anyway, I missed out on August's sales, but you'll be able to see them here in the previous month section, but I don't know if you'll want to.  DC's sales have been plummeting recently and while it doesn't make me worried that we'll get our favorite books with our favorite heroes cancelled, it does make me worried that we'll miss out on some of the really cool newer books........... mainly Martian Manhunter and We Are Robin, those are just my tastes and I'm really selfish so I don't want anything that I enjoy taken away from me.......  Sales though, have taken a hit all around, but for this list we'll only be looking at the main superhero books that we love so much and leaving digital books that have been collected alone to feel like they're inferior....... really, I'm just lazy and only want to do what I consider the main books. Before I start bawling like a baby at how low the sales numbers have gotten, let's check this out and see where you're favorite books stand.

Title and Number                         Price                  Est. Sales    Previous Month Est. Sales

        1.    Batman #44                                  $3.99                    114,409                      124,697

 For all the shit I got for disliking this issue, it doesn't look like I was the only one..... That's a hell of a drop and even though I would like to say that's it's all because of people feeling like I did, comic sales are down all around and will probably continue to decline for awhile.  Shit feels like it's the 90's again out of nowhere.

2.       Batman Annual #4                        $4.99                      80,684
3.       Justice League #44                       $3.99                      76,752                        82,304

 This is a perfect example....... I don't know anyone who didn't like this issue, but low and behold, sales are down.  What the hell is going on?  Are people just wanting to get on the cinematic universe trolley and leaving comics behind?

4.       Harley Quinn #20                        $3.99                      56,836                       64,223
5.      Detective Comics #44                  $3.99                      55,871                       53,576
6.       Harley Quinn R.T.S. #1               $5.99                      51,135
7.       Superman #44                              $3.99                     43,921                      49,825

 As you'll see from here on out, Superman is the best selling Truth story that we have and I think that's crazy because personally, it was my least favorite.  I guess people just like picking up the regular Superman title.  

8.       Batman/Superman #24                $3.99                     40,132                      44,259
9.       Green Lantern #44                       $3.99                     39,371                      42,482

        This could be just wishful thinking on my part, but I think once this story picks up, it will bring the GL fans back.  It's just nothing has really happened for so long now that I think people just fell off this title.
10.   Robin Son of Batman #4              $3.99                    38,162                       38,413

         Wow, this book hasn't really fallen all that much and I think once the War of The Robins starts, it will pick up even more.  I'm kind of on the fence with this title right now because I'm just not all that interested in Damian's further atonement for his year of blood.
11.   Action Comics #44                       $3.99                     37,927                      41,883
12.   Wonder Woman #44                    $3.99                     36,151                     39,646
13.   Flash #44                                      $3.99                     36,111                     40,542
14.   Harley Quinn & Power Girl #4     $3.99                     36,031                     38,853
15.   New Suicide Squad #12                $2.99                     34,622                     37,915

          I love that this series is doing so well because it's totally the best written Harley Quinn that we've seen lately and I just love all the interactions between these characters.
16.   Superman/Wonder Woman #21   $3.99                     34,349                     38,834
17.   Grayson #12                                  $3.99                     32,284                     36,538

          I don't know if the fact that we're seeing Grayson freaking everywhere now will affect his series positively or negatively....... but I've got to go with positive because once people start seeing how bad ass he is as a secret agent, I'm sure they'll want to check him out in his series if they haven't yet.
18.   Deathstroke #10                            $2.99                     31,241                    36,583

            This series is a shock to be for how much I like it.  Yeah, it's a total guilty pleasure, but I'll go with it and it looks like others will too.
19.   Batman Beyond #4                        $2.99                     31,202                    30,806
            It feels like Batman Beyond has finally found it's footing and I wouldn't be surprised if this title picks up in sales after the Brother Eye story arc is over.
20.   Batgirl #44                                     $2.99                     30,654                    32,079

         Oh Batgirl......
21.   Starfire #4                                      $2.99                     30,485                    30,207
22.   Green Lantern Annual #4             $4.99                     29,691                  
23.   Aquaman #44                                 $3.99                     26,396                   30,480

          Poor poor Aquaman........ remember when you were cool and people actually gave a shit about you?  I see this series continuing it's downward slide because this new story arc hasn't offered anything fun or coherent.
24.   New Suicide Squad Annual #1       $4.99                     25,927
25.   Green Arrow #44                           $2.99                     25,620                   29,998

         Yet another book that should be fun and exciting, but I haven't been able to get behind anything that Ben Oliver has given us since he took over this book......... How the hell are so many people having trouble making Green Arrow cool?
26.   Grayson Annual #2                        $4.99                     25,470
27.   Earth 2: Society #4                        $2.99                     25,443                   28,381

         It will take a miracle for this title to survive cancellation because each issue is just terrible.
28.   Green Lantern: Lost Army #4       $2.99                     24,249                   27,080
29.   Black Canary #4                             $2.99                     23,678                   23,253
30.   We Are Robin #4                             $3.99                     22,893                   26,830

          I personally love this title and hope to jeebus that it continues and picks up sales once the War of The Robins story starts.
31.   Red Hood/Arsenal #4                    $2.99                     22,113                   23,841
32.   Sinestro #15                                   $2.99                     22,090                   25,505
33.   Constantine: T.H.B. #4                  $2.99                     21,974                   24,040
34.   Batman: A.K.G. #2                         $2.99                     21,555                   35,652
35.   Catwoman #44                                $2.99                     21,507                   26,451

          I've been off this title for awhile and really didn't care for the whole "mafia" take on the character, but I'll totally get back to reading Catwoman once Frank Tieri takes the book over.
36.   Justice League United #13             $3.99                     20,160                   24,360

          Well, I guess we'll never get to see our JLU fix all the breakers caused by Convergence and that's a shame because that story line really interested me........ Hopefully, this gets a continuation like Lost Army got with Edge of Oblivion because I'd hate to have that loose thread just hanging out there.
37.   Martian Manhunter #4                   $2.99                     19,738                   22,540

    I love this book and I plead with anyone reading this to go out today and go pick up Martian Manhunter because it's the best new title that's come out and it's not getting the sales that should represent that.
38.   Secret Six #6                                  $2.99                     17,376                   30,418
39.   Gotham Academy #10                   $2.99                     17,292                   18,048
40.   Justice League 3001 #4                $2.99                     16,704                   18,931
41.   Doctor Fate #4                               $2.99                     16,258                   18,951

          I'm going to be shocked if we don't see this book cancelled by February.  There's just no substance to this series and it infuriates me every issue I read.
42.   Bizarro #4                                      $2.99                     15,183                   17,057
43.   Midnighter #4                                $2.99                     14,431                   16,563
44.   Gotham By Midnight #9                 $2.99                    13,698                   14,747
45.   Bat-Mite #4                                   $2.99                     13,040                   14,585
46.   Lobo #10                                       $2.99                     11,328                   11,568
47.   Omega Men #4                             $2.99                     11,302                   13,246

         So much for fan outcry.
48.   All Star Section 8 #4                    $2.99                     11,240                   13,032
49.   Doomed #4                                   $2.99                     9,527                     12,387
50.   Prez #4                                         $2.99                     8,931                     10,360

       There is no way that this series is coming back for six more issues after it's break............ not with those numbers anyway.

       So all in all, comic sales are down and I'm depressed.  Hopefully, DC will be able to turn this around and start banging out comics that will get people interested again........... or the sales are fine and more people are just buying their books digitally.......... Man, I want to see those numbers.


  1. Three of my favorite series are all last ugh!

  2. Gosh how can MM and Omega sell so low? Unfaiiiir!