Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Batman and Robin Eternal #4 Review

Bat Family Problems

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher, Gabe Eltaeb and Saida Temofonte
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 28, 2015

I love the Bat Family and Dick Grayson in particular, so this book might as well have been made for me and me alone.  That said, while I was a huge fan of the first issue, the last two haven't been as strong.  We did end last week with a cliffhanger that had me hoping for Bruce Wayne kicking ass and then looking at his hands, part in surprise and part in disgust, but sadly, it was not meant to be. Spoiler Alert...Bruce Wayne is not Douglas Quaid, he's not getting his ass to Mars and he may never open his mind to Kuato.  No, this book is not Total Recall, so what is it?  Let's find out...

The first thing that readers of this book might notice is the opening scene is a bit different from where we left Bruce last week.  I usually can overlook this sort of thing, but this is a weekly book and everything is fresh in my mind.  It's not a huge thing and doesn't change much at all in this issue, but it still annoyed me.  I'll chalk it up to this issue having a new creative team (Steve Orlando and Scot Eaton), but someone needs to make sure this doesn't happen.

Okay, I feel a bit better now and can proceed.  The impromptu Hatchet Gang is rudely interrupted by Dick Grayson who shoves Bruce to safety and contacts Tim Drake in the Batcave.  It seems that Bruce may not have been the only target as names from  "The List" match some of the Gala's attendees.  

I want to pause here to bring up something Eric asked during our podcast last week (shameless link HERE).  What is this whole "Gotham Embraces You, Re-Welcoming Gala" all about?  Did he get back his riches?  Wayne Enterprises?  What gives?  Also, why does Dick get so mad at Tim for losing contact?  Is it that crazy to believe that Mother's people are jamming up the works?  Seems logical to me.

While Dick dealing with the Hatchet Gang is fun, the book takes a huge swing upward when the Robins show up.  I don't mean Tim and Jason, I mean the We are...Robins and if you read that book (and you should), you had to have a smile on your face when they showed up.  My smile didn't fade because they kick total ass.  

I lied, because it did fade a bit when Orlando forced in a shoutout to Grayson #12 out of nowhere.  If you didn't read that (and again, you should), Dick was disguised as "Mr. Sparrow" to talk to Bruce and see how he was doing.  After talking to Dick earlier, Bruce suddenly recognizes the voice.

Not all is lost, though, because another great character joins the fray.  It's Batgirl and she gives the Robins a helping hand and a compliment to boot.  After a brief conversation and another editor's note, Dick asks Barbara to watch Bruce while he talks to Duke about being a Robin.

Then it's back to the Batcave to check in with Harper, Stephanie and Cassandra.  It seems I'm not the only one who doesn't trust Cassandra and Harper goes looking for her.  When she finds her, she yells out (empty) threats and then...joins her?  The both disappear into the Cave's darkness as Steph throws a hissy fit and gets yelled at by Jason and Tim for letting them go.

The issue ends with Dick about to pay a really interesting family a visit and Tim (maybe) about to go rogue.  It's a really clever ending with two distinct things very possible and both equally cool.

I wish the whole issue was as clever because I was not a fan.  This is starting to be a trend...give us an okay issue and then hit us with an awesome cliffhanger to bring us back next week.  I want a full issue of awesomeness, is that so much to ask?  

I did like Scot Eaton's art with all the character models looking great and am so glad that Jason took off his helmet this week instead of flipping it up like Iron Man.

Bits and Pieces:

While I liked the awesome addition of the We are Robin crew and Batgirl, this issue fell flat...until the end.  Steve Orlando follows suit of giving readers a mediocre issue with an awesome cliffhanger. Scot Eaton's art was good, but in the end, I can not recommend this issue and am starting to grow angry at where this book is (and isn't) going.



  1. Hopefully this was only one bad/mediocre issue in the series and the remaining 22 will be worth it, because I don't have time for the nonsense of batman eternal to repeat its self

  2. I dont know Ive liked my weekly Batman books. The first half of the issue was top notch to me. I would give it more along the lines of a 7.0 I feel like it progressed well and I want to see what the Drakes have to do with this.

    My complaint is I got lost at times with all the "com" talk in the 2nd half of the issue and couldnt tell who was saying what at points. I wish they would shade those boxes like the thoughts that initally have their logo then are shaded throughout.

    If anyone wants to fill me in on the BatGirl reference for 45 with Dick that be awesome I cant get into that book not my mojo.

    1. reading and reviewing it tonight...i'll let you know

    2. Batgirl #45 was sort of like Grayson #12, but from her angle. Made her seem more independent (and faithful to Luke Fox) in her book than in Dick's.

  3. I got a little lost in the coms-Talk to. I hope they address in the next issue the fact that the only reason Tim can't see his parents is because of Penguin. I like that there's a robin in the family that wasn't motivated by vengeance. Each Robin should have there own feel. Dick became robin for vengeance like Bruce, Jason did because Bruce offered him a life that he wouldn't have to be a criminal to survive and alone, Tim because Tim choose to be a hero, and Damian because he is Bruce's Heir.

  4. I really liked the action in this book...I really hated the dialogue

    1. hmmm...reminds me of another Stever Orlando joint

  5. I agree it's the weakest book so far from Eternal 2.

    It's just that I can't wrap my head around the concept and reasons the We Are Robin movement is giving themselves especially that after talk Grayson gave Duke and the latter's reaction.