Monday, April 11, 2016

Bill & Ted Go to Hell #2 Review - Just for the Hell of it Mondays

Highway to Heaven

Written by: Brian Joines
Art by: Bachan, Jeremy Lawson and Jim Campbell
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 16, 2016
Publisher: Boom! Studios

I am going to end my weekly JFTHOI reviews with a little Bill and Ted.  I am a huge fan of the franchise so reading and reviewing this book is a no brainer when our review laws are taken away for 24 hours and everything is up for grabs.  I guess it's kind of like the Purge, but with a 100 % less killings and 100% more comic books.  Yep, sounds like the Purge to me.  The first issue of Goes to Hell was enjoyable, even if it was more Bogus Journey recap than I was looking for, and ended with a twist ending that made me chuckle and look forward to this issue.  The time is ticking on this comic purge, so I'm going to stop the chit chat and get on with my review...

The issue picks up right where we left off last issue...Hell!  That's right and if you've read the issue (which you so should if you haven't), you know that Napoleon has taken over the fiery underworld and turned it into a water park.  The guy really loves water parks!  He also loves being in charge and has a grand old time telling Bill and Ted how he used everything they ever told him to totally melvined  them.  Of course, Napoleon is not a guy to rest on his laurels so after taking over Hell, he naturally set his sights on Heaven.  While this is all good fun, it's pretty much more setup and catchup, but when Napoleon sends Bill and Ted (and all their friends) off to the hell rooms, things start to pick up.

Bill and Ted wake up in the combined hell that is the year 2016.  There they come across what might be the biggest enemy to their music, a movie sequel and even this comic...the Hipster!  Yep, they come face-to-face with one and it's not a pretty sight.  However, it was hilarious!

Things might actually be worse for everyone else.  Johnna and Elizabeth (you know, the Princesses) find themselves back home and back with the Royal Ugly Dudes who demand a wedding, Rufus is in a future where his faith in Bill and Ted has left the world in ruins and Chuck gets to live a scenario that so many have before him...Missy is leaving him for another guy, but with a twist.

It all continues with little scenes of Abraham Lincoln, Billy the Kid and Joan of Arc facing their own versions of hell as Bill and Ted try to find and rescue them.  It all becomes a mute point, however, when Death agrees to challenge Napoleon to a game if his friends are set free. Death and his games, you know what I'm saying?!?!  The big rub here is that if Napoleon wins, Heaven is pretty much his for the taking.  I'm sure everyone knows what happens next and no, Napoleon is not interested in a best two out of three!

This issue was pure fun for Bill and Ted fans.  I really can't speak for the uninitiated, but this series and this issue in particular has so many setups and jokes from the movies that if you haven't seen them, I think you would be completely lost.  I am a big fan, however, so I am totally in and can't wait for the next issue.

Bits and Pieces:

Writer, Brian Joines and artist, Bachan are giving Bill and Ted fans a Hell of a sequel.  while we may still be in the setup phase two issues in, things are picking up and the art and characterizations are enough to keep you satisfied until the main plot kicks totally in.  It looks like we are headed to Heaven next issue and I can't wait to see what happens next.



  1. Bill and Ted were like a light in the black of my teenage years. This stuff looks really great. The creators seem to really enjoy what they are doing here.

    1. I love Bill and Ted...check out "Most triumphant Return" as well

    2. I love Bill and Ted...check out "Most triumphant Return" as well