Friday, April 15, 2016

The Weird Side #15

Words and Art by: Paul B.

Every week, I wait to see what Paul has in store for the Weird Side and actually like the surprise of it all.  However, this week I almost demanded the inclusion of something that I feel, is the only thing that ever needed to be drawn since man began telling stories by painting on cave walls.  Yes, I am talking about a bare chested, rollerblading Manship!  That's all I needed and Paul came through!  I can now die a happy man.  Thank you Paul and everyone else enjoy The Weird Side #15!

Glen's Revenge:

Blast From The Cast:

The Shirtless Blader!

Steve Orlando's Midnighter

Couch Burnin' Fun in West Virginia?!

Flash Reviews, Brought To You By Meatballs 2

Young Jim's Allergies

Best Damn Sound Man In The Biz

Passionate Kamandi Fan!
*Any resemblance of the fan to the artist is unintentional, and in no way means he is the Kamandi fan...

...Okay, I admit it. It's true.

Party All The Time!

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