Monday, April 11, 2016

Gotham Season 2 Episode 16 "Into The Woods" Review and *SPOILERS*

Villain, what hast thou done?

Director: Oz Scott
Writers: Rebecca Perry Cutter
Air Date: April 11, 2016


Well, it’s been a crazy few weeks in Gotham hasn’t it? Jim Gordon gets outed as the man who killed Galavan and is sent to prison, Bruce is now roaming the streets with Selina after the man who killed his parents blew his brains out, Edward Nygma has grown into the villain he was destined to be, and oh yeah OSWALD HAS A FAMILY AGAIN… Then he loses his dad… Because his Stepmother is a Gold Digger and her brats are worse. Despite this, we all know the status quo never stays the same, and in the same week, as he’s incarcerated, Jim breaks out, ready to go after the man who set him up. Does he get his man? Let’s dive in and find out...

We open with Gotham News declaring that Jim Gordon is still missing after his breakout from Blackgate. Barnes grills Bullock, as he is the obvious one that would have broken him out while Nygma(the reason why Gordon was in prison.) muses that he’s in the clear. Bullock repeatedly tells Barnes that he has no clue where Gordon is…. But he obviously does as when he gets home, Jim is waiting and their investigation continues.

They are able to deduce that the culprit is definitely related to the police force, due to the crowbar that framed Jim was left in Evidence. Jim then remembers that Dent told him that Internal Affairs calls are recorded… Meaning the one who called in the truth of who killed Galavan is still in the Evidence room. Jim breaks into IA successfully, but as he leaves, the white knight that is Jim Gordon can’t stay morally gray and stops a mugging… unintentionally revealing himself to still be in the city… Way to go slugger.

Meanwhile after the devastating death of his father, Penguin is about to get kicked out of the house by his Step Family, when his Stepmother Grace has a ‘brilliant’ idea: He can stay as a non-paid servant… Yup, what a crazy journey for the once King of Gotham. Half a year ago he was the most powerful criminal and Gotham. One Galavan and a few sessions with Strange later, he's a sniveling wuss… Not for much longer, though.

Back with Jim and Harvey, they play the tape, but the voice is distorted beyond comprehension. That isn’t much of a problem as Jim has ONE last friend who specializes in such matters… EDWARD NYGMA! Oh boy, is this awkward! Well, Ed tries his best to stay calm, cool and collected… but none of those things stay for long as Jim calls the person who framed him as a psychopath… And Ed gets defensive. In the words of Abe Lincoln from The Whitest Kids U Know skit: YOU F%^&ED UP! YOU F%^&ED UP NOW! Jim instantly realizes it’s him, but before he can take him in, Ed shocks him with a trap on his chair.

When Ed tries to get rid of the meddling former detective, Jim runs only to get shot in the leg, losing… A LOT of blood. Like I’m pretty sure he would have passed out in the middle of the street before getting to Selina’s place… Either that or the production had a few squib packs they needed to get rid of.

Anyway, after Jim falls unconscious from the blood loss, Selina and Bruce take him back to Wayne Manor where they formulate a plan to get Ed to admit his guilt or both framing Jim and killing Kristen Kringle(God, that death scene still depresses me). They do this by having Selina go into GCPD and give information that Jim is going to meet up with Penguin about finding Kristen’s body. After having a small spat with his dominant half, Ed heads out to dig up the body. However as he digs her up, Jim arrives, which Ed was expecting. He draws his gun and… stereotypically says the entire conspiracy out loud… Okay, I know Ed is unhinged, but I HATE when this happens in ANY show/movie/comic. No villain would ever do this! Especially because, there is ALWAYS the driving force of good, in this case, Barnes and the GCPD are not too far and learns EVERYTHING! So yeah, big shock, Ed gets arrested for all his crimes!

Back with Oswald, he finds the serving pitcher that held the poisoned liquor that killed his father, and after testing what he thought was simple Liquor on the dog… It’s revealed that it was poison… and he snaps… Our favorite psychopath is back bitches! The following night, he makes Grace a lovely roast, but something strange happens… Her kids don’t join her after the bell is rung for them. Oswald then reveals that he found the poison and the kids did join her… THEY ARE THE ROAST! That’s right this just turned into Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus! Oswald then gets his revenge by stabbing Grace to death, leaving him the sole heir to the Van Dahl fortune.

In the end, Ed gets put away, Bruce returns to the Manor to finally see what was on his father’s computer in the future Batcave, and Jim reopens the Wayne Files… Again…. But before he gets too deep into it there’s a knock on the door… and a “reformed” Barbara is standing there. Well if things weren’t insane enough, it’ll get there now!

Bits and Pieces:
This episode was pretty good though it did kinda fizzle near the end. I’m a little sad to see Ed being put away, but his transformation since the start of the show itself really shows the writers knew what they were doing. While it felt rushed, Penguin’s new family arc comes to a close in classic, near-Shakespearean style. All the while it sets up the finale, and I can’t wait for more.


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