Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bulletproof Chicken #1 Review - Saturday Morning Weirdness

Cock With A Glock

Written by: Jon Westhoff
Art by: Bobgar Ornelas, Mat Nixon and David Halvorson
Cover Price: $1.99 (on Comixology HERE)
Release Date: September 24, 2014
Publisher:  King Bone Press

REVIEW BY: Branden Murray

"Some say he is a force of nature. Others say he is a reject of a hormone injected time gone by. The facts are, he’s the most unstoppable cop on the force. This high octane splatterfest will follow BPC and his partner as they battle the notorious Fuster Cluck gang. A 32 1/3 page one shot comic featuring a tale of the cock with a glock. He’s bulletproof, you’re fried."

There are some things that are automatically appreciated here at Weird Science. Cutting right to the chase those “things” in no particular order are anything 80’s related, comic books, and food (of either the fast or buffeted variety).  Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and some talent who is able to combine any two of those three interests together they will probably be successful in getting the Get Fresh Crew and I off our collective wallets.  Bulletproof Chicken strives to break the mold by combining that trinity of interests while giving the middle feather to those that said it couldn’t be done.  

Imagine for a minute an individual who is “bad ass motha that don’t take no shit from nobody”.  Before we all go race off to put Cool Runnings in our VCR’s (because nobody owns that on Blu-Ray)...stay with me.   Now replace that image in your head of a person with a bad ass chicken that retains a special set of skills and you have our stories anti-hero BulletProof or BP as he’s referred to.

 The book is an obvious parody to buddy cop stories in the vein of Lethal Weapon & Robocop all the way down to BP’s partner, Ed Gallo, having two days left until retirement.  None the less the stage is set by our creative team of Westhoff, Ornelas, Nixon, and Halvorson within the first few pages quite nicely as you're “plucked” into their world and we’re off and “clucking” (No more chicken puns I promise).

From here BP and his partner go busting into a fast food restaurant to take down some Lizard gang scum.  F bombs are thrown around, bullets start flying, bodies start falling, and we see why BP has taken special interest in this case … his wife has been kidnapped and taken here. I don’t know much about man sized chicken’s that are good at gun play but I have an inkling that might not be a good move.  BP springs into action shooting anything that moves all before going down himself ala Murphy being gunned down by Red Foreman and crew in the before mentioned Robocop.  Just when you think our hero is down for the count and one of the villains is giving the standard mustache twirling monologue we're greeted to one of the stories first twists as BP uses his last breaths to take the “chicken-napper” down.

We flash forward 8 years and see Ed, who has married and had some little chicken nuggets, with BP’s old wife.  He gets a call saying that he’s “needed for some consulting” and we find out Ed wasn’t on the up and up back on that fateful day when BP was turned into pillow stuffing.  The final act of the book see’s Ed confront those trying to squeeze him out of a deal they made together eight years ago.  Our protagonist ends up making a triumphant return to end things on a high note and right the “fowls” (ok, last one I swear) done to him 80’s actions style with a few upgrades.

Bits and Pieces:

The art team of Bobgar Ornelas and Mat Nixon split art duties at points throughout the issue. Both do a great job of giving the book a unique feel and look without a noticeable change from either while David Halvorson uses colors to great effect throughout the story. The entire art team does a great job making each character feel unique when they could easily all be indistinguishable on page together. Thumbs up all around to all involved this was a romp through and through. I’ll look for the sequel BulletProof Chicken Nuggets to kill another Saturday morning in the near future. 



  1. Sounds like issue one was better than the entire run of Midnighter and Batman and Robin Eternal!!

  2. Haha I was much more entertained you sir are correct.