Monday, April 11, 2016

DC Comics Releases More Variant Covers For Future Quest and Scooby Apocalypse

I talked about it a bit on this week's podcast, but I'll repeat myself here because i love hearing myself talk (or type, if you will), but I am really looking forward to the Hanna-Barbera books that DC Comics will begin dropping in May.  I have already called Scooby Apocalypse as the one that I will be reviewing and seeing these variant covers does nothing to change my opinion that I picked the best one of the lot.  Actually, these Future Quest covers are pretty kickass too, so I guess i just have to admit that we might all have a winner in this race.  Whatever the future holds, here is the official press release from DC Comics and a look at the newly released variant covers for Future Quest and Scooby Apocalypse.  Enjoy!

More Variant Covers Revealed For Hanna-Barbera's Future Quest and Scooby Apocalypse Coming This May!

In January, DC Entertainment announced the return of the beloved characters from Hanna-Barbera in all new stories—and this lineup wouldn’t be complete without Jonny Quest and Scooby and the gang! Here, DC Entertainment is officially adding more variant covers from some of DC’s favorite artists!
Future Quest, due out first on May 18, will ship with a total of four variant covers (in addition to the standard cover) and here they are:
DC revealed the standard cover by series artist Evan “Doc” Shaner, Steve Rude's fantastic interpretation of Jonny Quest and his pal Hadji, as well as Bill Sienkiewicz's awesome rendition of Space Ghost.

And now Aaron Lopresti’s epic depiction of the Herculoids and Joe Quinones' Action Heroes variants can be added to that lineup!

Next up is Scooby Apocalypse, out on May 25, which will ship with a total of five variant covers (in addition to the standard cover) and here they are:
DC revealed the standard cover by veteran artist Jim Lee, a tech-savvy Scooby-Doo (complete with Scooby Snack) by Howard Porter, and the mystery hunter Fred Jones from artist Neal Adams.

And now, Dan Panosian delivers the dynamic-duo of Shaggy and Scooby, we see an eerie look at super-sleuth Daphne from Joelle Jones, and Ben Caldwell gives us the coolest techy girl around, Velma (complete with her own drone!)

Future Quest will feature stories by Jeff Parker (Batman '66, Justice League United) with art by Evan "Doc" Shaner (Justice League: Darkseid War:Green Lantern), and Scooby Apocalypse comes from co-writers Keith Giffen (Sugar & Spike, Legends of Tomorrow anthology) and JM DeMatteis. These tales will both thrill and chill the readers!

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