Friday, April 15, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 June DC Comics Rebirth Titles I'm Excited For

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Top 5 Fridays! With the release of the new comics this week, DC released its preview guide to Rebirth starting at the end of May. In it, we see covers and solicitations for the first issues of the relaunch, and while they already released the full list online, it still excites me to see it. Then it hits me: I need a Top 5. I'm excited for DC Rebirth. Why not do a list of DC Rebirth June launches. I say June Launches because if the presentation DC gave a few weeks back is correct, we'll be getting launches in July and August as well. So when July and August's Solicitations come out, I'll do Top 5s for those too! So what am I excited for? Let me tell you...

5: Superman
Superman has been through quite a few life-altering adventures in this continuity. He's become a god, doomsday, was beaten down BY a god, lost all his powers, gained a new one, and faced monsters that altered his very being such as Ultra Humanite and the Phantom King. One could argue in their attempts to make Superman cool and edgy fighting these gigantic threats, it moved Superman further and further away from being the symbol of hope he's supposed to be, and with the current Super League story arc starting up, it looks like that hope won't be returning until the rebirth. When reading the solicitations of Superman there is one major change: This is not New 52 Superman. It's the Pre-Flashpoint Superman from Lois and Clark. His opening story arc involves his son Jon beginning to exhibit Kryptonian powers for the first time and how he deals with them...which actually sounds interesting! The only reason this is so high on the list is the fact that to get this Rebirth, it involves killing off a Superman that many of us have been reading for 5 years and have a connection to.

4: Green Arrow
I loved Jeff Lemire's run on Green Arrow. It added a bit of mysticism to the story of the Emerald Archer without making it feel right at home. After that arc, the writers tried to put Green arrow back into his more street crime fighting set once again, now throwing in characters from the show. It was decent enough, not as good as Lemire's, but interesting enough to keep me on it... Then the recent story arc...too off the rails to keep me interested. With rebirth, there has to be a Green Arrow story that had to draw me in. Something that I haven't seen in a long time. The solicitation came out and Black Canary is being thrown into the mix for the first time in this continuity. I was shocked. How could anyone not write THAT story before Rebirth? Green Arrow and Black Canary is one of Comics' iconic couples! Well, I guess it's better late than never.

3: Wonder Woman
The reason I'm excited for this one is pretty close to why I was excited for the last one. Brian Azzarello's run on Wonder Woman is pretty mythic and epic, but like all great myths, their stories had to come to the end. Meredith and David Finch had some large shoes to fill, and despite them trying hard, it was a battle for them to lose. While they brought interesting ideas such as a challenger to the God of War, the poisoning of the future king of Olympus, and the New 52 return of Donna Troy, it didn't quite pan and it out enough to gain new readers. It then hit me that the New 52 Wonder Woman(series not the character) has been dealing mostly with her and her position as a goddess. While I admit I have loved this new 52 series, for the most part, I know there's more to her than that. As the solicitation put it, it's time to remind us that she's more than a god...she's the protector of Earth.

2: Green Lanterns
After Johns run on the Green Lantern, the Corp ended up involved in a lot of besmirching events, but none were more affected than our human Lanterns linked to them. John Stewart and his team couldn't stop planet Xanshi from being destroyed, Kyle Rayner inadvertently created an evil clone of himself bent on destroying existence, and the less we say about the destruction during Guy Gardner's Red Lantern Civil War the better. Yes, bad shiz happens to our human Lanterns all the time, and for the most part, they've fixed said problems and cleared their names. Let's give them an earned rest. We have new(ish) human Lanterns to check out. First, we have Simon Baz, who has been used practically never since the War of the Green Lantern part of Johns' run. Then we have Jessica Cruz, current Power Ring, about to become the first Female Green Lantern of Earth, who we've seen fight against the control of Earth 3's Volthoom and turning herself into one of the planet's protectors. Seeing these pair of young guns at the forefront of a comic still gets me excited for the future, especially with their first enemies being the Red Lantern Corp.

1: Batman
If it wasn't clear enough, a lot of us here at Weird Science like Tom King. Jim has been a huge fan of Grayson since the start, Papi Nacho has been loving Omega men(as have I), and outside of the DC spectrum, he has shocked me in the best possible way in Marvel's The Vision(seriously it's amazing and dark! Go check it out!). So you can imagine my surprise and joy when I see the man who is quickly becoming one of my favorite comic writers writing for one of my favorite series when Rebirth starts. It's practically a match made in heaven, and his first story arc already sounds promising with its solicitation. If he can make the city of Gotham as character driven as Omega Men and as dark as The Vision(seriously read this series, it's one of the best titles Marvel is putting out), this Batman run could surpass Snyders with ease!

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! What title are you excited for in June? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time.


  1. 5. The Rebirth Special: I can't deny it- hearing about this makes me just a *little* bit giddy.
    4. Titans: The Titans Hunt series has been intriguing to say the least, so I'm optimistic for this one.
    3. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: I wanted to like the latest Batgirl run, but the character seemed too pre-teen and "hip" for Barbara- looking forward to that being fixed.
    2. Superman: It's been one of the most hated books of the New 52, but I'm interested to see how they "fix" what has been happening with the character.
    1. Nightwing: I've been waiting for this since Grayson was announced. Tim Seely has been getting praise left right and centre so while I'll miss Higgins, I honestly can't wait.

  2. 1. Suicide Squad
    2. Superman
    3. Detective Comics
    4. Wonder Woman
    5. All Star Batman

  3. 1. Blue Beetle: Can't wait for Jaime to have a mentor, Espeically since my boy Ted Kord is alive and willing to teach. Hoping for a fun version of Batman Beyond.

    2. Detective Comics: Can't wait for Tim to actually get back to dectective work, so he can finally shine. Plus I'm happy that Batwoman will finally be on a team with her Cousin Bruce. Oh wait...Nobody touched on that fact since the beginning of the N52. She is a rightful member of the Bat Family, deserves to be on that Painting Along with Jason aswell; Here's hoping to happening this year Eric:)

    3. Red Hood & The Outlaws: Finally we have a Mission Statement. Somewhere to guide the Book. I'm all for having fun occasionally but Jason & company Need a Focus.

    4. Titans: This is what rebirth is all about. They realized they ruined one of the main reason any DC fan picks up a book, LEGACY. Here's to the one Retcon I'm hoping for.

    5. Super Sons: I'm intrested in seeing the next generation of DC Heroes. Plain & Simple.

  4. 5. Trinity - Francis Manapul can do little wrong in my opinion. His art is gorgeous and his writing is on point. I would place it higher but books that have one person as the writer and artist tend to have a rough go.

    4. Detective Comics - One of my favorite characters in all of DC is Batwoman and I wasn't a fan of Marc Andreyko's run so I understand why the book got cancelled but to see her starring in a major book is incredibly exciting.

    3. Wonder Woman - GREG RUCKA!!!! Need I say more? His run with Wonder Woman in the past is the definitive Wonder Woman in my opinion (not to mention his run with Batwoman in Detective Comics) This guy knows how to write amazing stories with strong women.

    2. Batman - Tom King may be a relatively new writer but his work speaks for itself. There's a reason they're putting him on the most popular book in the line. If anyone was going to replace Snyder, it is this guy.

    1. Green Lanterns - FINALLY! I really took to the new lanterns in the New 52. Simon Baz was incredibly interesting and they kind of just threw him aside and Jessica Cruz as Power Ring (soon to be the first human female Green Lantern) is one of the best parts of Darkseid War. Venditti's run with Green Lantern has never excited me but having Sam Humphries take over the main book and letting Venditti do his own thing with Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps is what attracts me to this book.

  5. Ya'll seem to have missed the title... Just june's rebirth titles XD

    1. Every title I've mentioned was a rebirth title- released in June.

    2. i double checked: nightwing comes out july, Batgirl and the birds of prey come out in august.
      if i like their solicitations they'll be on the july and august lists